Another Night, Another Love by Loren Beauchamp

beauchamp - anoyher night another love

This Beauchamp is one of Silverber’s lighter titles — that is, there are no suicides or murders in the end, although there is a but of violence, and it ends on a sappy romantic note.

The out-of-work New York actor who turns to prostitution seems to be a common theme in vintage sleaze.  In Another Night, Another Love, it’s not a young woman this time but a 27-year-old actor typecast and finding it hard to get jobs.  Destitute, in debt, and close to homeless, he applies for a job as a “recreational director” at an upscale rural New York country club for the summer.  The job is really that of a gigilo, and he must prove himself first to the owner of the place, a heavy-set brute of a woman.  He does so.  And while there, he sleeps with all kinds of women — widows and bored wives with impoetnt husbands, all of them rich, all who tip him well.

But he develops a romance with one of the childcare girls, a 2o-year-old NYU student (the girl on the cover matches her description), and she gives her virginity to him, thinking they will get married…and then she finds out the truth about what he does at the club, and so does one of the husbands, who guns after him with fists ablaze, hitting and breaking his perfect actor’s nose…

But all ends well.  The girl forgives him, he relaizes he muts save his self-respect and stop being a whore, and the two leave the country club on the first bus back to New York City…

A fast read and aother guilty-pleasure.  This one was more like a Lifetime or TNT movie of the week…

It was reprinted as Sin a La Carte, which references one female client who has him bring her breakfast three mornings a week, along with some lovin’ spoonfulls…

Beauchamp - Sin a la Carte

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