Sexy Strumpets and Troublesome Trollops

Strumoets and Trollops

An ad horn-toot for my new collction of stories, all with 60s sleaxe-like titles.  Even the cover copy is intentionall imitative of Nightstand/Bedstand:


…fill the tales (and tails) of erotic noir done only the way Michael Hemmingson can: with panache, aplomb, and sleaze!  The title alone is worth the price of admission, wouldn’t you say?  In these ten lusty and shameful yarns, Hemmingson brings you inside worlds populated by twisted men and women tormented by their sinful lust and desire.

A woman will do anything to win at a Vegas table again in “Blackjack Wanton.”  Cheating husbands and wives seek redemption in “The Lust Seekers” and sexy lawyers take on violent cases in “The Sin Seekers.”  In “Swamp Harlot,” a beautiful woman doesn’t seem to be quite human, and in “Troublesome Trollop,” a murder mystery filled with secret sex acts among London’s thespians is solved, and another murder is avenged in “Sexy Strumpet.”  Things get academically hot in “Campus Sex Circle” and a man is debased in “Shame Goddess” for his…


Order from here.

or Wildside Press

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