Silverberg on Vintage Pay Rates

Elliott - Campus Traders

Over at the Robert Silverberg Yahoo Fan Group, I brought up vintage pay for writers compared to now, and he replied:

Silverberg recentI didn’t begin to understand how generously writers were paid in the old pulp
days until I realized that they are getting about the SAME word rates now that
we got in 1960, but the dollar of 1960 was worth ten to twenty times as much as
it is now. (Hot dogs 15 cents instead of $3.95, hotel rooms $12 instead of
$280, etc.) We used to grouse about the low pay, but we were very wrong about
that. And of course I did buy that 20-room mansion for $80,000. Probably ten
million today.



Elliott - Gutter Road

Elliott - Sin Hellion

Dexter - Bra Peddlers

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