The Sins of Seena by Don Elliott (Robert Silverberg) Ember Library 306

Elliott - Sns of Seena

There are two booksellers who have jacked-up prices for this title ($75 and $95 — c’mon!) and both state there is “speculation” that Donald Westlake ghosted this one.

I asked Robert Silverberg last week if this was so, because he had mentioned hat he did have one Don Elliott ghosted when he was unable to meet the deadline.  He said no, this was not the book in question. “Sins of Seena is mine, I have a copy right here,” he wrote.  He did not, however, say which book is the ghosted Elliott.

Maybe the ridiculous prices on this book will go down now.  Do these booksellers really think anyone is going to pay that kind of money for a book?  In this economy? Sheeee-at. (Myself, I never pay more than $50 for any vintage book, and most are in the $10-30 range.)

As for speculation on which Elliott is the ghosted item, I think contenders are Sin Doll (as Dan Eliot), The Lady from Soho (originally Sin Club), and Diary of a Dyke — these three don’t seem to coincide wth Silverberg/Elliott’s usual style.

Eliot - Sin Doll

Eliott - Lady from soho

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