Re: Orrie Hitt

I started Hitt’s Warped Woman (Novel Books, 1962) and can’t put it down. In fact I have altered my plans today so I can kick back and fnish the damn thing.

That’s how **&%#$!@ good it is…autobiograophical in certain ways (the narrator lives in a small upper NY state town and makes his living writing tawdry paperback novels), it makes me wonder how much Hitt influenced Charles Bukowski.  I know Bukowski was influenced greatly by John Fante, but I see shades of future Bukowski in Warped Woman.

More later…

Hitt - Peeping Tom

For now, some Orrie Hitt biograophy over here.

7 Responses to “Re: Orrie Hitt”

  1. I read one of the retitled reprints of this (TABOO THRILLS) and think it’s the best Hitt novel I’ve read so far. Some great stuff in it about being a writer.

    • vintagesleazepaperbacks Says:

      Seems WARPED WOMEN (1962) was reprinted as WILMA’S WANTS in 1964.

      Hitt apparently has one gay novel, MALE LOVER, that I want to get…and something called PANDA BEAR PASSIONS from PEC Books that I have seen the cover for but cannot locate anywhere…although the cover of WARPED WOMAN is somewhat similar (woman holdng a big stuffed rabbit).

  2. Yeah, that particular book had at least three different titles. Several of Hitt’s books were retitled when they were reprinted, but I don’t know if any others had more than three titles.

    PANDA BEAR PASSIONS is one of his last books and seems to be something of a Holy Grail among Hitt collectors.

  3. J. Wellington Thorpe Says:

    I’ll be borrowing Panda Bear Passion from a friend in about a week (you know you’ve got a true friend when he’s willing to lend you PBP) and he’s giving me a week or two to read it. If you like, I’ll leave a comment on your Orrie Hitt blog and let know how the story turns out.


  4. J. Wellington Thorpe Says:

    Also, Mr. Reasoner is correct. Warped Women was reprinted as Taboo Thrills and Wilma’s Wants, although Novel Books claimed Wilma’s Wants was an original. They did this with several of Hitt’s books. A sleaze publisher that’s not completely honest–who’d have thunk it? All of Hitt’s other publishers wrote, “Originally published as…” whenever they issued a Hitt reprint.

  5. vintagesleazepaperbacks Says:

    I wonder why PANDA is a rare find — most of the PECs are not. PEC was an off-shoot from a middle-man seller who worked at Greenleaf in San Diego and decided to open his own biz — ditto on Suree House. San Diego was once the center of porn paperback publishing, as Chicago and L.A. was before.

    I wonder why the one shot books with PEC, Sabre, Gaslight — I am betting that these were manuscriots Hitt’s regular publishers, Beacon, Kozy and Midwood, turned down.

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