Cool Cover from Novel Books!

Novel Books - Don't Touch My Broad

Novel Books - Torrid Wenchesnovel Books - Farmer's Other Daughter

Novel Books - Warped DesiresNovel Books - Golden HussyNovel Books - Mad for Kicks

Novel Books - Swamp Lust

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2 Responses to “Cool Cover from Novel Books!”

  1. Yeah, Novel Books had some fantastic covers. Have you read “Dammit, don’t touch my broad”? If so, is the writing any good? I’ve held off on buying a copy, as well as some of Novel’s frequent writers like Con Sellers, Jack Lynn, and George H. Smith, because when I first started buying “sleaze” books, a lot of the writing just flat-out sucked. I bought a book by “Big” Bob Tralins which had a fantastic cover, and even had a good premise, but the writing was just flat. Same with Vin Saxon/Ron Haydock. I felt like I was throwing my money away, and it was hard to find reviews of most of these guys’ books. I luckily came across Orrie, Clyde Allison, and Ennis Willie, but that’s another story for another time.

    Anyway, any thoughts or recommendations you have regarding “Dammit..”, Con Sellers, Jack Lynn (you’ve got a great cover of one of his books on this blog entry), or George H. Smith would be appreciated.


    • vintagesleazepaperbacks Says:

      I haven’t read DAMMIT, DON’T TOUCH MY BROAD yet. I’ll get to it. He also has THE LUCKY RAPE.

      Great covers and titles is what got people to buy these books, regardless if the writing was good or not. And if they had flip appeal (spotting naughty words and scenes when glancing thru) the better…

      Often when a writer of sleaze you generally like (e.g., Don Holliday, Andrew Shaw) has a badly-written book, it was sub-contracted to someone else, or the publisher decided to throw the pen name on someone else’s manuscript.

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