Recommended: Sexy White Trash Trailer Tramps by Garbiel Kellgren

sextramp Olympia Press has issued a fun collection of five crazy stories by Gabriel Kellgren called Sexy White Trash Trailer Tramps, see here

and @ Mobipocket.

The funniest story is where aliens abduct an entire trailer camp and put the white trashers in a zoo for them to observe these human have orgies and get drunk on beer.  Another one, a 15-year-old tramp has the hots for a writer in a trailer, but both are killed by her hulk of a husband, and he takes the writer’s novel and says he wrote it and become famous.  Other tawdry white trash stories happen at a Motel 6 and at the wedding.

Reminded me of Loren Beauchamp’s Sin on Wheels and Orrie Hitt’s Trailer Tramp.

Hitt - Trailer TrampBeauchamp - Sin on Wheels

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