Pagan Summer by Dallas Mayo (Gil Fox), Midwood, 1965

pagan summerPSThere were two editions of this novel, each with a great Paul Rader cover to drool over.

Muriel is a lesbian nurse.  She thinks she has her perverted lesbian desires beat with the beatnik painter, Chan Crieghton. Until she becomes the private nurse of a beautiful young widow, Erin.

Erin became a widow the same day she married Barry, worth millions.  It was a car accident. In the hospital she makes a connection with Nurse Muriel and offers to hire her full-time, privately.  Mostly the two lounge on the beach in North Carolina, drinking beer…and soon having sex.

Then Chan shows up and Erin has a yen for the artist, complicating things in a bi-sexual way…

Sound good?  Boring, boring as all hell.  Gil Fox wrote under three pen names for Midwood: Paul V. Russo, Kimberly Kemp, and Dallas Mayo.  The Kemp titles were generally lesbian, and are collectible, while the Mayo books seem to be bi-sexual and tawdry.

In an interview with Lynn Munroe, Fox rags on Orrie Hitt, saying Hitt wrote unreadable “drivel.”  Obviously jealousy and the green monster, because it is Fox’s work I have found to be unreadable, whatever name intimate nursehe uses. His sentences are awful, his dialogue flat, his characters two dimensional. I tried to read Intimate Nurse, which I have posted the full text here: you can see how bad Fox’s writing is. The Groovy Age of Horror, however, seemed to dig it.

The only thing going for this yawner is the Rader art for both editions, to collect for art alone.  Those seeking a cool (or hot) lesbian nurse read won’t find it here.

I have a few other Mayos and Kemps here, and a coule of Russos I got in ebay lots…I’ll give them a try down the line (next year) but I don’t have any high hopes for a good read.

Fox tells Munroe he wrote books for Olympia, Grove, Masquerade and Blue Moon…I have no idea who he “was” at Blue Moon but it makes me shudder that we shared the same publisher. 😉

Kidding, of course.

2 Responses to “Pagan Summer by Dallas Mayo (Gil Fox), Midwood, 1965”

  1. Dallas Mayo is the best erotica writer in the last four decades.
    So sad it’s so hard to find his books.
    Is he still with us?

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