Jack Lynn — Who Was He?

Lynn - Torrid and Tall

Another Novel Books author I’ll be looking at in the near future in Jack Lynn, who wrote a series starring private eye Tokay Wedge, a five foot five middle aged gumshoe who likes tall dames.

I’ve seen Lynn’s name in old copies of Manhunt, Trapped, and other crime pulps…but who was this guy and what happened to him?

Lynn - Women on the Loose

Lynn - Broad Bait

Lynn - Torrid Twins

Lynn - Four Nymohs

Novel Books - Mad for Kicks

2 Responses to “Jack Lynn — Who Was He?”

  1. Stephen Mertz Says:

    As a longtime Tokey Wedge fan and collector of Tokey Wedge (the poor man’s Shell Scott), I have done some detecting on the authorship. There is a “Jack Lynn” Novel Books standalone called BROAD BAIT, starring federal Agent Kevin Kar. Kar also appeared in the 1970s in a few novellas in MIKE SHAYNE MYSTERY MAGAZINE, which appeared under the byline Max van DerVeer.

    • vintagesleazepaperbacks Says:

      Thanks. Seems there was a Jack Q. Lynn who published stuff in MANHUNT, TRAPPED, and other early 50s pulps…maybe the same?

      I have Broad Bait…

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