John B. Thompson — Who Was He?

I’ve been meaning to get to John B. Thompson for a while here, and have been amassing a number of his books.  I tried reading Male Virgin and it was a bit comical and I wasn’t in the mood — it didn’t seem bad, about a stuffy shirt college prof shown the wild ways by a wanton nymph studet. It was co-written by Jack Woodford, or from the cover of the 1950 Arco edition co-written by Thompson, although in the second and third editions from Beacon, Woodford’s name was taken off ditto on Trapped by Orrie Hitt, co-written with Woodford as Lease in hardcover).

Apparently Woodford had a number of “students” that he “trained” to write in the Jack Woodford style, specifically for The Woodford Press.  Thompson did quite a few with Woodford, as did a number of other writers.  Looks to me that they took an outline or unfinished manuscript of Woodford’s and finished/fleshed them out.  I don’t know Woodford’s work much but from what I have seen, seems to be on the comical and whimsy wide of softcore.  While Woodford seems to have dominated that market in the 1940s-50s, his type of softcore did not bode well in the 1960s boom.

On the back cover of Kiss or Kill, it’s stated that Thompson

was born on a large Louisiana plantation, spending his childhood and early manhood in the woods and bayous of this lush land…Thompson became a writer the hard way, having studied engineering at college. He says, “I flunked dismally and I’d glad I did.  The cold logic of the side rule was a little offensive.”

Indeed, seems many of his books have a southern, swampy setting and feel…

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