George Simon — Who Was He?

George Simon seems to be the pen name of one Carlson Wade, who published quite a few books with Chariot and Beacon under his name, as Simon, and also as Arthur Adlon.

However, research shows that Keith Ayling — a British fellow who wrote aeronautic titles under his real name — was behind the Adlon and Simon names (see comment below).  So was Ayling also Wade?

5 Responses to “George Simon — Who Was He?”

  1. The Adlon/Simon books were actually written by Keith Ayling. (I think Jon Warren started the rumor about the Carlson Wade stuff.) I actually sold many of my duplicate Beacon and Chariot Ayling books to his son back in about 1999. He was trying to get every book his father wrote.

  2. vintagesleazepaperbacks Says:

    Dox — Thanks. I was wondering about that since Ayling was also associated with Adlon…

    So did Adlon write the Wade books too?

  3. I’m very interested to know more about this as I’m doing research on Carlson Wade. He was most certainly a real person that did business under than name from 1948 until his death in 1993 — but he seems to have been born under a different name which I can’t trace. I thought perhaps Arthur Adlon, George Simon or Keith Ayling could be his real name, probably not. Who is this Jon Warren character?

  4. Everyone from Leonard Burtman to Ed Wood jr. (Yes, THAT Ed Wood jr.) has been “reported” as using the pseudonym Carlson Wade. I am looking at a Burtman publications “Orbit” which has an article by Carlson Wade titled Love, Pain and Your Emotions…and he also wrote the sleazy fake legit viceroy book The Compulsive Erotic. I tend to believe there WAS a Carlson Wade, but I’ve never tried to find out who he was. Ed Wood did write a number of sleazy books, the wonderful John Gilmore book “Laid Bare” covers it pretty well. When, and If I find a definitive answer, i’ll share.
    Jim Linderman Vintage Sleaze the Blog

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