Pocketbook Writer: Confessions of a Commercial Hack (Borgo Press, 2008)

With the 31st Annual Vintage Paperback Collectors Show and Sale next week in Los Angeles, this blog will look at works from guest writers attending or of special interest to collectors in the history of the sleazecore paperback.

Not sure when/who published Pocketbook Writer originally, but it is available as a trade paperback from Borgo Press, publisher of many of my reprints and a few originals.

Charles Nuetzel was deeply involved with the West Coast scene of pulp and smut publishing, as writer, editor, and publisher, pumping out works of science-fiction, crime noir, and sleazy but tame sex stuff.  This memoir is a fascinating examination of the hustle and bustle to make quick money from cheap literature.  And sure, somewhere in all that were some gems…

Nuetzel worked for Imperial/American Art, Brandon, Powell, Books of America, etc.  He escaped the law like many back then.

This book includes summaries and behind-the-scenes of many of Nuetzel’s obscure titles which will only be of interest to fans and collectors, yet has its place in the history of the paperback.

One Response to “Pocketbook Writer: Confessions of a Commercial Hack (Borgo Press, 2008)”

  1. Wanna offer thanks for the plug on my book.

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