Mary Learns How by Anonymous (Pendulum Books, 1968)

Mary Learns How…Pendulum didn’t do the best books, and each novel seemed to have a bonus short story attached, maybe to get up page count…

We add this one in because the story of the publisher is a curious one …Pendulum was located in Atlanta, Georgia, and connected with the mob, producing porn reels and running adult movie theaters and whatnot.  Apparently the publisher/owner shot his CPA over a money disagreement sometime in the 1970s and went to prison for life…

For Your Reading Pleasure..

For centuries, the introduction of young, nubile girls into the mysteries of sex has held unparalleled interest for most men. Reflected in such major works as Lucian’s Dialogues and elsewhere, the literary expression of such interest has found its way into the literature of the Western world, though admittedly much of it on the level of sub rosa erotica.
The two selections included in this fine volume, Mary Learns How and Mandy’s Adventures, both deal with the defloration of a virgin and her subsequent acceptance, nay, eager participation in scenes of more and more outrageous sexuality. These books might well become of great interest to those among the professions who find in works of folk literature an expression of the secret longings, most savagely repressed desires. Only by bringing to light these previously suppressed works can we hope to reach a complete, thorough understanding of the strange, devious, but eternally fascinating workings of the human mind.
The story of Mary and of Mandy is not that of the girl next door.

Fantasy elements obviously play a large part in both tales, but it is fantasy that does not focus itself on overt behavior, but serves instead to lessen the tension of otherwise unexpressed desires.
And, in spite of their fragmentary nature, both these stories make highly entertaining reading.
Dale Koby, A.B., M.A. Atlanta, Georgia August, 1968
I have here set out some fairly interesting episodes, some in which I have taken part, and some which have been recounted to me by acquaintances.
I have occasionally used words that may upset some readers, and I make no pretense at suggesting that this work is suitable for a fourteen-year-old girl, for example!
Since we are in England, we may be sure that the male readers will far outnumber the females who will be so lucky as to read the adventures that I have set out. Many a man will secret a copy of this book under his overcoat, and read it furtively in the lavatory, scared stiff of his wife or fiancee finding him with it. Is it too much to hope that just a few men will have the guts to share their pleasures with their wives, who will, I am perfectly certain, derive every bit as much pleasure from reading my story as will their husbands?
I was born in London in 1920, so that I am now forty-three. Both my parents died within six months, leaving me to be brought up by my father’s brother, John and his wife, my aunt Anne. They sent me to boarding-school when I was eight, and I spent the holidays on their estate in Cornwall.
From the point of view of this book, my life became of interest when I was fourteen years old, during one summer holiday.
I was ambling round the stable-yard on my uncle’s estate one Sunday morning, at around eleven o’clock, when I heard my name being called by the head groom, Johnson.
“Miss, Miss Mary, there’s something here that you’d love to see if you have time,” I heard, and, curious, I crossed the yard to where the groom was standing, outside the main stable, where my uncle’s hunter, Erasmus, was kept.
“Come inside her, Miss. You’re just in time to see the fun. You’re going to see how we begin making a young foal, and I reckon you’ll find it very interesting, Miss Mary.” As he said this, he took a bottle from his trouser-pocket, uncorked it, and poured some colourless fluid into the palm of his left hand. Then he stepped into Erasmus’ stall, and held his hand out for the stallion to lick.
I should explain that, although I was unaware of anything concerning sex at that stage, I had noticed that some animals had, dangling down between their hind-legs, a large bag, and that this seemed to contain two lumps. I had not, however, realized that only the male animals were provided with this curious organ.
I stood back against the wall while Johnson let Erasmus lick his hand, so that I was watching the horse from the side. As Erasmus licked away, he began to get frisky, and then I noticed something else; a cylinder of black flesh was slowly coming into view on the underside of his body This was a complete mystery to me, but I was soon to learn the vital importance of this part of the animal.
“Ah, Miss, I can see that you don’t know what that thing is for, do you? Keep your eyes on it, Miss, for it’s the most important thing when it comes to making a foal!”
By now the cylinder had grown until it was all of a foot in length, and it was as stiff as a poker. As Erasmus moved, the object swung back and forth, seeming to have a life all of its own. Then Johnson untied the horse from its stall, led it out into the neighboring stall, where my aunt’s favorite horse, Black Beauty, was quartered. As soon as Erasmus saw the mare, he reared up on his hind-legs, and almost fell on her, so that the black tube of flesh that I was watching seemed to try to bore a hole in the body of Black Beauty. Indeed, the tube very soon did make its way into the mare, but, as I later learned, there was no need to bore a hole — there was one waiting!
“What do you make of that, Miss?”, said Johnson, coming over to stand beside me.
“Absolutely remarkable, Johnson. Do they often do this? I have never seen anything quite like that before.”
“No, Miss Mary, I don’t expect you ever have, but when you’re older I’ll wager you’ll see plenty of it. No, they don’t often get the chance to do it, but, if I let him, Erasmus would do it three times a day, at the very least.”
“Johnson, what do you call that thing between his legs, that he’s got inside Black Beauty now? Or hasn’t it got a special name?”
“That’s got lots of names, Miss Mary. When we talk of horses and cattle, we call it a pizzle, but usually with human beings, people call it a ‘prick’ a ‘cock’ or something like that.”
“Do you mean to say that people have things like that, Johnson? I certainly haven’t!”
“I hope you haven’t, Miss, for you are a woman, but all men have, unless they are very unlucky indeed.”
“Will you show me yours one day, Johnson? I’d love to see yours — oh, do let me see it!”
“You’re a cheeky one, Miss. Tell you what, if you hide yourself up in the loft above the barn as soon as you’ve had your lunch, you’ll get a grand-stand view of me having some fun with one of the maids. How about that, eh, Miss Mary?”
I readily agreed, whereupon he swore me to secrecy, telling me that I should invent some other reason for leaving the lunch table so promptly.
I told Uncle John and Aunt Anne that I wanted to see whether I had caught any moles in my traps, so they let me leave the dining-room as soon as I had eaten my pudding, instead of making me wait until they had had their coffee. I sped out of the house, into the yard, into the barn, and up the ladder that led to the loft above. There I found that the floor had lots of small cracks in it, so that I could easily see whatever was to take place below. Someone had left some cushions there, so I placed several of them so as to make a comfortable resting-place, and lay down to
await the arrival of Johnson and the maid he had mentioned. Five minutes later, he appeared, followed a moment afterwards by Eleanor, my aunt’s personal maid.
“That’s the girl, not a minute late, eh? And that’s a good thing, for I’ve got seven inches of hot cock waiting for you, and, if you’d been late, I might have had to toss it off!”
“Don’t you ever do that, Pete, not when I’ve got my cunt all washed and ready for your cock. I’ve been thinking of the fuck we’re going to have all this morning, and I nearly forgot to do any of my work, I got so keen to feel your big red knob pushing its way up into my quim.”
“There aren’t many girls like you, Ellie. Most of ’em won’t ever use words like ‘cunt,’ you know. But you’re my girl, aren’t you, and you know what’s good for you, eh?”
“Oh Pete, of course I do. It’s hot lengths of cock that are the thing to please any girl, and especially yours, Pete. You won’t need to lick it today. It’s all juicy right now.”
“Who said anything about needing to lick your twat? I love licking young girls’ cunts, and if it’s already juicy all the better. It will taste all the better that way. Come on, Ellie, let’s get stripped off now, and then we can have some good games.”
I was about to see a naked man for the first time in my life, and I was keenly watching him as he peeled his under-pants off. There came into view a fine-looking weapon, something like that of Erasmus, but of course it wasn’t nearly as big. It was pink, instead of black, and it’s root was buried in a cloud of hair. I never knew men had hair anywhere else but on their heads, for my own bush had not yet started to sprout. Once he was naked, he began to fondle his cock, while waiting for Eleanor to get her last clothes off. It was just as stiff as the stallion’s, and the sight of it made me very excited. I knew that I was about to see something forbidden take place, for otherwise why had Johnson told me not to tell my uncle and aunt what was going to happen? But quite what it was, I still didn’t know, nor did I have any idea what fun it would turn out to be. It was clear that both Eleanor and Pete, as she called him, were up to something very enjoyable!
“How’s that, Ellie? Reckon it’s big enough for you? I’ve got a big load of spunk ready for you, so I hope you’ve got a cap up you, or else we may find ourselves in a spot of trouble in a month or so!”
“Don’t you worry about that, Pete. The Master fucked me last night, and I’ve still got some of his tablets left.”
“Did he, now? God, you must tell me all about it. I love it when I’m in the middle of a good fuck and the girl tells me all about another man giving her a good stroking. Now let us start with a suck-off. I’m going to he flat on the floor, and I want you to come and squat down over my face, and then rub your twat back and forth on my mouth.”
As Johnson lay back on the ground, and Eleanor stood over him, her legs on either side of his head, I felt a strange warmth coursing through my body, and a definite feeling of stickiness between my legs. Whether this was due to what they were doing below me, or to the mention of
my uncle having ‘fucked’ Eleanor that night before, I couldn’t tell, nor did it much matter. The fact was that I knew somehow that one day I would take Eleanor’s place, and that I wanted that day to come quickly. I could see Johnson’s cock standing up stiffly, pointing almost directly at me, and the moment that Eleanor squatted down to plant her cunt on his mouth, it grew even stiffer, and its red tip seemed to get several inches closer to me.
“Oh Pete, that’s smashing! You do it so wonderfully. Does my juicy cunt taste good to you, darling? I sponged it very carefully just before lunch. Oh, Pete, you’re making my twat-tie itch for your big cock. I want to feel your whole length stuffed right up me, and I want to keep it there forever, too … I do feel sorry for people who can’t get a regular fucking — I just wouldn’t want to live if I couldn’t get a hot length of cock up me whenever I needed it. It makes a change being with you, for the Master never fucks me unless his wife is there too. I like that, but now and again I want to be shagged without having an audience.”
I was amused at her delusion. She had no idea that I was lying on the floor of the loft, reveling in the spectacle as she rubbed her cunt on Johnson’s mouth By now I could feel that the crotch of my white panties was soaking wet, and I passed my right hand under my skirt to investigate the situation. As my hand touched my thigh, I felt it being drawn up to my twat, and, the moment my fingers touched the virgin lips, they were drawn between them. Near the front end of the slit I found a tiny swelling, that told Eleanor was indeed having a good time, from the delicious sensation my own fingers were giving me.
Meanwhile Johnson had spread his legs wide, and I could see not only his quivering cock, but also the bag of wrinkled skin below it.
“That’s enough, Pete. You’ve had a go with your tongue, and now it’s my turn. I want to feel something stiffer and thicker up me, and please don’t make me wait too long for it!” Eleanor stood up to let Johnson escape, and he went over to a cupboard, from which he produced a big garden cushion, which he laid on the floor.
“That’s to rest your arse on, sweetheart, but before we get down to the fucking, I need a piss, and you can hold on to John Thomas and direct the jet where you want to, OK?” Eleanor didn’t seem surprised at this, and grabbed hold of his still stiff cock. She squeezed his balls with one hand, and with the other pointed his cock high up in the air, whereupon he let his bladder go, and a golden jet of piss shot high up into the air, hissing as it shot out of the end of his prick.
“I do wish your spunk would shoot out like that, Pete! That would be something to write home about!”
“You just get your arse parked on that cushion and open your legs wide for me. You’re going to have a good twatful of love-juice today, I can promise you that. Just you feel my knob. It’s so juicy that it’ll be up your cunt right away. God, there’s nought to beat good cunt, you know. When I can’t get it, I often use my hand, but sometimes I get hold of one of the farm-boys and that’s a deal better than tossing myself off, I tell you. Do you reckon the Mistress’d like a length of my meat, Ellie? She’d make a jolly hot fuck, I’ll lay!”
“If you like, Pete, I’ll tell her you’re pretty hot on the job, and see what she says. The Master won’t mind. I’m sure of that.”
“Come on now, let’s get down to it. I’ll just play around the outside for a moment, and then I’ll get it stuffed right up inside you. Ready, here goes!”
“Oooooooh, that’s lovely, Pete! Every time you get it inside me, I feel as if I’m being stretched, but my cunt always shrinks again before the next time.”
“Now tell me all about last night, Elbe. Do not leave out a single detail.”
“Well, first of all, he sucked me off, same as you do, but the Mistress was playing with his tool while I was over his face. She’s jolly randy, I can tell you. She even stuck one finger up my bum while her husband had his tongue up my twat! Then he told me to kneel down, and he got behind me, and then he stuck his tongue up my arse! Then he gave me a good strong dog-fucking, and he made me come twice before I felt his cock get stiffer all of a sudden, just before he shot his load. That was lovely. His wife kept egging him on, telling him to give it to me harder, and to fill me brimful of cream. She was fingering her twat while we bashed away, and then she got a banana, peeled it, and shoved it up her twat just like a cock!”
I was really learning things! So my own uncle and aunt had parties with Eleanor! I said to myself that, in that case, why shouldn’t I join in the fun, too?
On the floor below, Johnson was now lying still on top of Eleanor, breathing hard.
“Heavens, girl, you’ve done me in. I’ve got no strength left anywhere in my body, let alone in this.” Saying this, he took hold of his cock, now reduced in size to a pathetic-looking object, almost unrecognizable from the threatening length of flesh that it had been several minutes beforehand.
“Now you’d best be off, Ellie, before someone catches us. Same time tomorrow, eh?”
“You bet, Pete. I never miss a chance of a fuck, and when there’s a tool like yours around, I want it up me, not for someone else to have.”
They both dressed, and then Eleanor left, after hugging Pete fondly. As soon as she was out of earshot, Pete, as I now determined to call him, stepped towards the foot of the ladder, and in a thrice was beside me, his cock hanging out of his trousers. By then I had pulled my skirt up above my waist, and my panties were down to my knees. I was just recovering from my first climax, having needed no instruction on how to frig myself with my fingers.
“Well, Miss Mary? How was that? I can see that you’ve not been wasting much time, have you? What would your uncle say, if he saw you now, eh?”
“From what I’ve just been listening to, he’d not dare say very much, I reckon. Oh, Pete, it was glorious to watch you doing those lovely things with each other, but what about me having some
fun too? Would you like to kiss my twat, too? Your tool is far too big for my cunt, but I’d adore to feel your tongue inside me.”
“That’s the spirit, Miss. I may be only a groom, and you the Master’s niece, but when it’s a matter of good honest cunt, class don’t matter at all. We’ll suck each other off, for a start. That means I’ll he on the floor, and you crouch over me, facing my feet. Then while I have a good old suck at your twat you take my John Thomas in your mouth, and suck away at it just as if it was a lollipop. I’ve never sucked a virgin’s twat before — I wonder whether they taste any different.”
Pete was an expert at the ‘gamahuche’ which he told me was an almost indispensable prelude to a good fuck. His tongue played melodies on the delicate nerves of my innocent cunt-lips, and I did all I could to repay him by sucking at his cock, but I am afraid my amateurish efforts gave him little real satisfaction. I have since learned that it takes a lot of practice to know just how much pressure to put on a mouthful of hot prick, and to know which parts are the most sensitive, and so on.
Ever since that day, I have adored having my cunt sucked. There are very few pleasures to touch it, and I am sorry for any girl who is too squeamish or prissy to try it out. That day Pete made me come three times with his tongue, each time making me feel as though he was drawing all my guts out of my body. I had no such success with his tool, partly because of my clumsiness, and partly because Eleanor had drained his balls of their load.
After my third orgasm, we lay on the floor together, while he filled in a few of the many gaps in my knowledge. He told me about various girls whom he had fucked in the past, and mentioned that some of them had been dead keen on having his cock stuffed up their arses! He explained the various ways to stop a baby from coming, and then he took a small paper envelope from his pocket, opening it to produce what he termed a frenchie. When he had told me how to put it on his cock, I began to caress his tool with my lips and tongue, to get it stiff once more, and then I rolled the French Letter on to it, until the whole magnificent length was encased in rubber.
“Now that’s on, I’d love you to give me a stabbing with your prick, Pete. I want to know just how Eleanor felt when you had it stuffed right up inside her juicy quim!”
“I’m not one to pass up a chance of having a fresh cunt, Miss Mary, but it may hurt you the first time, you know. After all, you’re very young, and really your twat ought to be left alone for a year or so, until it’s a bigger size.”
“Pete, if you don’t do it now, someone else will have to, and I’d be far happier if yours was the first one.”
“Fair enough, then. You get over me, and then you can lower yourself on to me. Your little twat’s nice and wet, and the Frenchie’s all oily, so it won’t hurt too much, I don’t suppose.”
I did as he said, squatting over his tool and lowering my haunches until I felt his randy knob pressing between the lips of my cunt, which I held apart with my fingers. Then, clenching my teeth in anticipation of the pain that I felt was inevitable, I let my body fall hard on to his.
The almost total lack of pain was almost disappointing! I was a lucky girl, as I learned later from other women, whose initiation was at the hands of less thoughtful lovers than Pete. I felt as if something was stretching me, it’s true, but there was no pain at all. As I looked down, I saw that his whole shaft had vanished inside me, and I could feel the blood-filled mass twitching inside me.
“There, Miss, that wasn’t so bad, was it? Now get up again, and I will give you a good stroking, lying back on this cushion, the way it ought to be.”
I lay back as he had said, spread my legs wide, as Eleanor had done, and awaited his attack. He knelt between my legs for a moment, and taking his tool in his right hand, he rubbed his knob gently up and down between my hungry cunt-lips. This made me hunger all the more to feel his length driven up inside me once more, and then he began slowly to ease into me in easy stages, each time withdrawing his cock until I felt it almost leaving my twat. Then he would push it in a little further than the time before, and then out it went again, tantalizing me each time. I wanted to feel his whole weight behind it, driving his knob up me as far as the size of my twat would allow, but he was determined to spin out the drama as long as possible.
When finally he had driven it up me to the maximum, he began to stroke away slowly, taking great care to see that my love-button, as he termed it, was rubbed each time.
“How’s that, girlie? Does your cunt like having a good, stiff cock stuffed up it? Tell me what it feels like!”
“Oh, Pete, it’s just wonderful. No wonder Eleanor comes here whenever she can, if she gets as much fun as I do. Drive it in deeper again, do; I want to feel it pushed right up inside me. I feel numb everywhere else, but my cunt is on fire. Hey, I think I’m going to faint!”
I came round to find that Pete was bathing my face with a sponge.
“That was a nasty moment, Miss. I thought you’d had a fit, the way you heaved around when you came, Miss!”
Looking down at his thighs, I saw his tool was still just as hard as ever! Poor Pete, he still hadn’t come! I begged him to do it again, but he said he was too tired, and also that I would get rings round my eyes if we went on much more, and then someone would start wondering what I’d been up to.
“I don’t care if they do ask, Pete! I would not mind if they even stood by and watched you poking that lovely cock up me again and again, honest, I wouldn’t care a fig!”
“That’s as may be, Miss, but I don’t want to lose my job, so you must keep this a secret between us, promise?”
The thought of losing Pete’s cock for good and all brought me to my senses, and I got up, and dressed myself, taking care to straighten out my stockings.
That was how I was introduced to fucking, and ever since I have spent my life in search of new adventures, new variations on the basic themes of cock and cunt.
That evening I determined to convey to my aunt that I was no longer the tender virgin she imagined. I decided that the best way would be for me to be playing with my cunt when she came into my bedroom to say ‘goodnight’!
“Heavens, Mary, what on earth are you doing to yourself? I always thought you were a good girl, but I must have been wrong after all!”
“What’s wrong, Aunt Anne? I’m only frigging my twat because I can’t get a length of cock instead!” Aunt Anne blushed at my plain speaking, but didn’t scold me. I realized that she wasn’t angry, only rather surprised.
“Look, Mary, if you know as much as that, you can probably be trusted to keep a secret. If you like, you can come along to our room in half an hour, and then you can have all the cock you want. Uncle John has one that’s far better than any finger and thumb, believe me! Half an hour, right? And don’t be late, will you?”
Hurray, I had worked it! Two pricks in my first twelve hours! Not a bad start, I thought. While waiting for the hand of the clock to make its way round, I gave my twat a last dapping with my sponge, just to be sure that it was clean.
As soon as I tapped on their door, Aunt Anne called out, “Come in,” and, opening the door, I found my uncle and aunt stark naked, standing in a close embrace before the fire. Her back was facing me, and I could see my uncle’s knob poking out towards me between the plump cheeks of her arse, like a cuckoo peeping out of a clock. Her arse was heaving back and forth.
“Ah, there you are, my dear. Aunt Anne’s been telling me that you’re all ready for cock, so I won’t beat about the bush. I’ve often asked myself what it’d be like to roger your twat, and now I’m going to find out for myself.” Uncle John broke away from his wife’s embrace, and I saw the full beauty of his tool. It was definitely not as long as Pete’s, but it was a good deal thicker.
“Get the piss-pot from under the bed, Mary, and hold it for me! I don’t know if you’ve ever done that before, but some girls get crazy when they see a chap having a piss.” I did as he said, and soon a jet of clear golden piss was shooting out of his tool and into the chamberpot that I held in both hands at about the level of his knees.
“Fine, and now you just put the pot down, and lick my cock dry!” I wanted to have his knob in my mouth, and the bead of piss on the end did not serve to put me off. Kneeling before him, I opened my mouth and got down below his cock so as to catch it without using my hands. Then I began to suck away at it, just as if it was a toffee-apple, and it grew stiffer and stiffer every second, until finally he told me to stop.
“Not bad, eh? Now just you get down on the carpet, on your hands and knees, my dear. I’m hungry for cunt, with a capital C, so stand by for a good stroking from behind. Ready?”
Ready? I was more than ready! Pete’s fucking that afternoon, my own frigging while I lay waiting for my aunt, and finally the taste of Uncle’s cock, all had combined to make me hunger for another stroking with a length of hot man-flesh. I knelt forward expectantly, wondering how different Uncle John’s thicker but shorter cock would feel when he drove it up me from behind.
In a moment, I felt his knob pressing at the most sensitive part of my body, and his hands grabbed my hips to give him a better purchase for the lusty thrust that was to come. Then he drew me back towards him, and was inside me, he released one hand from my hips, and passed it round under my tummy to tickle my love-button! This was something Pete hadn’t done, and I knew that I had missed something that afternoon! Combined, the effects of his thrusting cock behind me, and of his tingling fingers beneath me, both made me feel as if my whole being was about to burst into flames of passionate surrender!
“Hey, Anne, she’s a hot little piece, just as you said! Now, you get yourself in front of her, and give her a taste of a cunt!” My aunt lay down on the carpet in front of me, presenting her twat to my face, and I needed no bidding to make me bend down just a little so that my mouth was slap on her twat, which lay nestling in a bush of fine red hair. I knew instinctively what to do, as does every woman the first time she had the chance of sucking another girl’s cunt, for I knew what I liked being done to me, and guessed that the very same things would please her. Do as you would be done by, so to speak!
“Oooooh, how lovely, my dear! That’s the way, take the button between your lips, and give it a squeeze! Aaaaah, that’s terrific!”
Aunt Anne must have been playing with her twat for a while, for she came almost immediately. After that, whenever I was sucking her cunt, she prolonged her pleasure, sometimes for as much as twenty minutes, but this first time, she had her climax almost immediately.
Uncle, meanwhile, was still stroking away inside me, and it was quite a while before his sperm spurted deep into me, whereupon he slumped forward, pressing me down onto Aunt Anne’s body, where she still lay, recovering from her orgasm.
“Christ, Mary, you’re a little smasher. Now I want to see your piss as it squirts out of that beautifully tight little twat. You must do it in our bath, standing astride so we get a good view!” The three of us went into the adjoining bathroom, and I got up on the bath, standing astride, one foot on each rim. When I let go, my piss shot out in a clear stream, unimpeded by my cunt-lips.
“That’s it, and next time I’ll be lying in the bath, and you can piss the lot all over me, and down my throat, too!” said Uncle. This did not shock me in any way, for some reason. The atmosphere of lust had removed any inhibitions I had ever had, and there was nothing at all that could ever have shocked me at that moment. I almost regretted that I hadn’t suggested doing that myself, but it was too late, and my bladder was empty now.
When we were once more in their bedroom, Uncle poured out a stiff drink for each of us, saying that it would revive our appetites.
“Well, you have surprised me, my dear little niece! I never thought you had any idea about cocks and cunts, and all the fun they can give us, but here you are, fourteen years old, and you know all!”
For the next hour, I listened avidly to my uncle and aunt taking it in turns to explain their philosophy of life to me. They believed in total self-expression, sexually speaking, and explained to me that one should regard nothing as being perverted — nothing at all. They quoted some Frenchman who had said, “What is possible, is permitted,” and assured me that once I accepted that, all else would fall into place. But they warned me that many people would be horrified at this attitude, and told me to take care in choosing to whom I confided this point of view. Then Uncle John said that he was going to have a snooze, and told Aunt Anne to show me their photograph album.
Anne got a thick bound volume from a drawer beside their bed, and handed it to me. I opened it eagerly, and found myself confronted by a superb collection of what the prudes call dirty pictures, but for which I prefer the term erotica. There are very few who don’t enjoy looking at pictures that depict various aspects of sex, but there are equally few photos are a mere substitute for watching in person, but not every person has the chance to look on while a couple have a bash together.
Again, there aren’t many who would turn up the chance of watching a good fuck take place, but admit it, never! I always keep a lot of exotic pictures handy, for there’s nothing better for a drooping cock than the sight of some really uninhibited pictures! A tired cunt revives just as readily, of course, but how many men who have a secret collection of pictures will ever dare show them to their wives, I wonder? Not very many, but those who are brave enough to will always find their wives more than grateful, once they get over the initial shock.
To return to this first album of sex photos that I ever saw, the stress was on Lesbian love. There were a few of what prudes would call normal sex, but the vast majority depicted two or more women in the act of enjoying each others’ bodies in the many ways that are possible. They were not the second-rate pictures that one often sees, ruined by a look of sheer boredom on the faces of the models, who have been posing all the afternoon, and are heartily sick of the whole business. One could see that those taking part had been having the time of their lives, unless they were first-class actresses! Each girl seemed ecstatic with joy, whether her twat was being sucked, fingered, or impaled on a big fat dildo! These last were also first-quality specimens, and not the homemade things that I have often come up against since then. They were perfect models of man’s cock, even to the point of having hair stuck on them! I was more than ready to believe that, after a dipping in warm water, they would provide a passable imitation of a man’s tool.
Personally, I’ve never had a great feeling for the dildo, but I know that there’s not a man alive who does not love to see a couple of women making use of one, and I’ve often lain down to have a length of warm rubber stuffed up me by another girl, knowing that the watchers have been hard put not to undo their buttons and start tossing their pricks off on the spot. And many’s the time
I’ve strapped one onto my thighs and given a man a dose of buggery up the arse. There are lots of men who would never let a man bugger them, but who satisfy their curiosity about what it feels like, by asking a woman to use a rubber tool on them! I can’t understand why they are afraid to try the real thing, but there it is, they are usually convinced that this would be perverted! Poor chaps, they don’t know how thrilling it is to have a length of rampant tool stuffed up into their guts! I’ve had cocks and dildoes up me, and I know perfectly well that the dildo isn’t half as much fun as the real thing.
Whenever I bugger a chap in this way, I always put jelly on my hands first, so that I can toss his prick off while I am driving the rubber weapon in and out of his arse. A prick never fails to stiffen, the moment its owner’s arse gets plugged by the dildo, and then, when the man has shot his cream into the palm of my hands, I get him to lick it up with his tongue! Naturally, it’s all the better for me if I’ve got someone behind me to work on me, whether it’s a woman with another dildo, or a man with a real-life tool.
My best adventure of this class took place years later, in Rome, where I took part in an orgy with eleven other women and around a dozen men. We first stood in a circle, men and women alternately, and then each woman took a dildo, and the man on her right helped her strap it into position, after which the whole twenty-four of us knelt down one behind the other, still in our original circle. The idea was for each person to bugger the person kneeling in front, so that every man had a rubber cock up his backside, and every woman had a real one hp hers! We had a large audience, made up of monks and nuns from the Vatican, and from the way they shifted in their seats, I guess their next confessions ought to have been pretty fruity!
But I must not run ahead! Returning to the album of photographs, the final pages were of ‘animal fun’ showing men and women taking their pleasure from the bodies of animals, usually of the larger breeds of dog. Usually the men were buggering the dogs, but one was letting the dog suck his cock for him, while the women were invariably kneeling down for a real dog-fuck!
Looking up, I saw that Aunt Anne was watching me intently, obviously reveling in my reactions to the superb collection of pictures, while my uncle was fast asleep, or seemed to be.
“Aunt Anne,” I whispered, “will I wake him up if I talk?”
“Not a chance, my dear. Don’t even bother to whisper. He’d sleep through shellfire, so your voice certainly won’t wake him up!”
“Good. Aunt Anne, have you ever seen Johnson’s cock — you know, the groom. I watched him have a fuck today, and he’s got a real huge thing between his legs.”
“Yes, I know. I saw it once, when he was having a piss and thought there was no one around. I’ve often thought of asking him up here for a party, but I’ve never dared to, in case he refused.”
“Johnson wouldn’t refuse, I can tell you. This morning he told me where to hide to that I could look on while he had some cunt, so I can tell you he’s dead keen on it. He’d come up here like a shot. Please don’t tell Uncle, but Johnson gave me my first fucking only today. I had to beg him
to give me his cock, for he said at first that I was too young to fuck. Tomorrow he’s going to fuck at the same time as he did when I watched him on the job today, so why don’t we both hide, and then you can see him bashing away for yourself. If you feel like it, you can show yourself afterwards, but, if you don’t, then we’ll just let him get dressed and leave, and no one’s any the wiser!”
“You randy little minx! We’ll do just as you say. It’s high time I had a fresh cock driven up me, and the thicker the better. I was only today thinking about the times your uncle and I had in Kenya, when we were on safari. We caught a few animals but we were really looking for some fresh cocks, and, my God, we found them.”
Anne, as she told me to address her, then told me that, before their marriage, she and John agreed that each would be free to do whatever they wanted, provided only that each concealed nothing from the other. She then told me that they had a large circle of like-minded friends, and that the group met from time to time, for orgies in which nothing was barred. She promised that, when I was a bit older, they would take me along and make me a member of the circle!
“That sounds too good for words, Anne. Meanwhile we’re going to get a grand view of Pete’s tool tomorrow, when he has his cunt in the barn.”
“View, my dear? I can assure you that I shan’t rest until I’ve had that cock up me.”
“And you’ll love it, Anne. He’s really got a beauty. And, I forgot to tell you, after they’d had a fuck he got hold of his tool while he pissed right up in the air!”
“Did he, now? He does sound like a randy stallion, doesn’t he?”
Anne had as yet no idea at all that it was Eleanor, her own personal maid, whom she was going to watch impale herself on Pete’s sturdy tool, and I was determined to let her find this out herself when the time came.
The next morning passed very slowly, so impatient was I for the fun that was to come my way in the afternoon. Twice I went to the lavatory, lifted my skirt, pulled down my panties, and fingered my twat until the juices began to flow. I kept wondering how Anne would react to the sight of her personal maid being shagged by such a fine cock! Would she sack her on the spot, or would she readily forgive such treason? The moment lunch was over, Anne and I slipped out of the house and round to the barn. Climbing the ladder, we lay down on the floor to await the arrival of Pete and the maid. Each of us found a suitable spyhole from which to survey the whole floor of the barn.
Ten minutes later, Peter and Eleanor appeared! Glancing at Anne, I saw that she was staggered by the arrival of the girl.
“Dirty little whore,” she whispered under her breath. “Letting one of our own staff shag her, and never saying a word to either of us!” Her words made it clear that it was Eleanor’s concealment of her games with Pete that had enraged Anne, and not the games themselves!
“You sound jealous, Anne.”
“My dear, if you knew how often I’ve sucked her twat for her, and rimmed her arsehole too. I would never have thought she’d have kept this cock all to herself after all the fun she’s had with us.”
Below, Eleanor was undoing Pete’s fly, and we watched her hand slip inside his pants, to reappear, dragging with it a fine, upstanding tool. Taking the knob in her mouth, she clasped him round the thighs, and began to pump furiously at his cock.
“You lovely cock-sucking whore, you! Yesterday it was cunt, and today it’s going to be arse, sweetheart. Cunt and arse, arse and cunt, that’s what I live for, Elbe. This morning I had that farmboy again — he loves to feel it up him, just as you’re going to, my girl. That is it, keep on until the spunk floods into your mouth, and mind you don’t spit it out, for I can’t bear to see the stuff go to waste, see!”
“Don’t you fret! This isn’t the first tool I’ve sucked until the creamy stuff comes out, you know.”
I lay there scared that Eleanor would mention her games with John and Anne, for I was sure Anne would never let such an indiscretion pass. But all was well. Eleanor went on sucking at Pete’s tool, and we both listened to his labored breathing as the pressure in his balls built up to the tremendous crescendo of an orgasm. I glanced sideways at Anne, whose eyes were glued to the floor. She too was breathing deeply, excited as she was at the sight of a fresh and lusty cock being driven in and out of the girl’s mouth. Her skirt was rucked up, and her legs were wide apart. Feeling she needed instant relief, I got up from my spyhole, and lifted her skirt yet higher, to find that she had no panties on at all! Feeling that I was about to explore her body, she rose to her knees, here eyes still glued to the floor, so that the cheeks of her arse stuck out proudly. I could see plainly that her cunt was all juicy, so I gently pushed one finger in between its lips, which parted readily. Thrusting it in deep, I began to imitate the action of a man’s tool. Then I saw that she was straining at her arse-hole, which seemed to be for the attentions of another finger. Daringly, I bent down and gave it a gentle licking with my tongue, at which she turned towards me, whispering, “Christ, you’re a hot bitch, aren’t you? How did you know that was just what I was hoping you’d do? But get your tongue up me, don’t mess around on the edge! Then get your free finger wet in my twat, and drive that up my arse too.
“Ooooh,” she whispered. “Watching him get that cock up young Eleanor’s arse was something, but I never thought I’d have you do this to me at the same time, Mary.”
So Pete had got his cock up Eleanor’s bum while I had been playing with Anne’s twat! I was sorry to have missed it, but I knew there would be lots more chances to watch something like that. I wondered idly how she had fared, feeling sure that, unless she had had a tool pushed up her the back way before, she must have suffered a bit. Later I was to learn that this wasn’t necessarily so, and that no one’s first taste of being bum-fucked need hurt, provided that the way is prepared in one way or another. A man has to put some jelly around his arse to avoid pain, but all that a woman need do is see that the man’s cock goes up her cunt first of all, so that it can get lubricated, and so make its way up her more easily.
Although I was curious to know what was on foot below, I felt bound not to stop assuaging my aunt’s passions, so I kept working my fingers in and out, both of her twat and her bottom.
“Lovely, Mary, but don’t do any more. Eleanor’s just off, so wait until she’s away, and then call down to Peter, but don’t say I’m here with you too, or he might feel shy.” Going to the head of the ladder, I called down to Pete, saying that I’d been watching all the time, and that I needed a dose of his cock right away. Still naked, Pete bounded up the ladder, only to look horror-stricken at the sight of his mistress, who was sitting back on the floor, her hand working away between her legs.
“Come now, Johnson, no shyness. I was watching too, and I want to congratulate you on your efforts. Cheer up, I’m not angry with you, but I might be, if you refuse to let me enjoy that big thing of yours!”
“But, Madam, I feel so silly, standing here without a stitch on. Do you really mean that you aren’t angry with me, Madam?”
“Look, Johnson, there aren’t so many things that I like to see more than a cock like yours gets stuffed up a plump arse. But it’s best of all when it’s my arse! Come over here, man, and let me take that thing in my hands. Do you reckon it can get stiff again, or is it finished for the moment?”
“Well, Madam, it might get hard again, but only if you let me have a suck at your pussy.”
“Pussy, whatever’s that? Surely you mean ‘cunt’? At this rate, you’ll call it a ‘vagina’ next, or even ‘pudendum.’ Let’s at least use the right words, Johnson. You he down, and I’ll squat over your mouth. My niece tells me you’re good with your tongue, so don’t let me down, will you? Mary, come and lick his balls! My cunt’s all juicy, so it ought to taste pretty good straight away. My, you are no learner at the gentle art, are you? Don’t be afraid to nip me with your teeth, now and again!”
Meanwhile I was sucking away at his cock, even though Anne had only mentioned his ballocks to me. It was only a short while before I felt it growing stiff, and then I stopped.
“Anne, it’s ready for you now, but I hope it won’t hurt when he gets up your arse.” Pete’s tool was rock-hard, and Anne stood up, a bit sad at not having come, but anxious to feel that length plugging her bum.
“Ready, Pete? I want it up my arse, right enough, but get it up my twat for a start, will you? We’ll do it dog-fashion and you hurry up and get that fucking great thing stuffed up me, eh? Oooooh, that’s a fine thrust. You are an expert; that’s the stuff, right up as far as the balls, and then nearly all the way out again!”
“Fancy me dog-fucking the Master’s wife! I’d never have thought it possible, and yet I don’t feel at all shy, now I’m up you, Madam.”
“Why ever should you, Pete? Once I’ve got a prick like yours up me, it doesn’t matter a fuck whose it is, as long as it keeps on stroking away in my cunt. Now, that’s enough, my arse is waiting for you, Pete!”
She groaned a bit as Pete’s weapon drove up into her bottom, but soon all was well, and her moan became one of blissful pleasure. Feeling a bit left out, I fell to licking at Pete’s arse, and I could tell from the way this made him wriggle, that he loved it.
“Blimey, Miss, that’s a good touch. I’d never have thought of that, I will say.”
“What, is Mary rimming your arse? She was doing that to me while you were fucking Eleanor up the backside.”
“Oh, Madam, I’ve never done anything like this before. You’re both so natural and relaxed. No made-believe, or Latin words, just plain cunt, cock, fuck, and arsehole. That’s the way I love it, but I’ve had lots of women ask me if I want to have intercourse with them! I’m going to come now, Madam, here it is — there!” A moment later, Pete drew from Anne’s bottom the saddest of objects, about three inches long, and as soft as a bit of warm jelly. Anne said it had been lovely, but that we ought all to have a rest for the time being. She then suggested that Pete should fill in the time by telling us a story or so from his adventures.
“Since you work with animals, Pete, you must have a few good yarns to spin, eh? Am I wrong?”
“No, Madam, you aren’t wrong at all! Of course I like to watch animals having a fuck, but several times I’ve joined in. At my last post, the boss’s son had a young Shetland pony, a stallion, and I often used to admire the size of its tool when it hung down almost to the floor. One day I decided to see what would happen if I played with it, so I got behind the pony, and reached round under his body to take hold of his cock, while I tickled his big black balls with the other hand. That tool shot out to full stretch, and in a minute or two, his spunk shot out on the floor. There was at least a cupful of the stuff, lying in a pool on the floor. Seeing all that spunk made me feel horny, so I undid my buttons and got old John Thomas out. I was just about the right height, so I pressed my knob up against the pony’s arsehole, and then to my surprise, I felt it being drawn in, as if his arse was a vacuum cleaner. Then I started stroking away, and felt his cock to see what was happening! It was just as stiff as ever, so I tossed it off all over again, while I went on buggering him.”
Imagine the affect of all that Pete was saying on my young mind! There I was, a virgin twenty-four hours earlier, and in that space of time I had, putting my adventures in order of time, watched Pete fuck Eleanor, sucked at his cock myself, been fucked for the first time, watched the piss pour out from another cock, sucked that one too, had it up me dog-fashion, licked my first cunt, seen some French photos, watched Eleanor sucking Pete’s tool, and frigged Anne’s cunt and arse at the same time. Now I had to contain my feelings while Pete told me how he had buggered and tossed off a young pony!
“Then I felt something poking between the cheeks of my bum, Madam. One of the staff, the French chef, had come on me unaware, and was well on the way to giving me a length of prick
up the back way! I had had lots of cocks that way, Madam, but this was an extra long and thin one. I didn’t try to stop him, for the thought of being ‘the jam in the sandwich’ was rather exciting.
“After that, the chef and I had lots of fun together, either out in the fields, or in his room. He was the first person who ever pissed all over me while I lay in my bath! And this may shock you, whenever one of us had a shit, the other would lick his arse clean with his tongue!”
“Peter, you are fantastic! Look, you simply must come up to our room tonight, and tell Eleanor I said so, so she can show you the way. My husband will be delighted to meet you, even though he will be a bit angry to know that we’ve had you here all these years without realizing what sort of person you were. Tonight we’ll have a real orgy, with two cocks, three twats and five arseholes. I’d love another load of cream from you now, but tonight is going to be a long session, so we must none of us get too tired.”
Soon Anne and I were walking back to the house, Anne telling me how glad she was that I had introduced her to such a fine new weapon! I wondered how the night would go, and what I had yet to learn. I felt sure that my still virgin arsehole would not long remain intact, for none of them would allow such a waste.
Late that night, we all made our way up to their bedroom, and I was last to arrive. The others were naked already and I was only in a nightie, so I joined them in that state in a second or so.
“Ready, everyone? Right, we may as well start off with a blue film, just to get you all going, eh?” John had already hung the screen on one wall, and it was the work of a moment to start his projector running.
Glorious Technicolour! Since that day, I have seen dozens of ‘blue’ films, but to find colored film is very unusual. It’s jolly exciting to watch a couple have a fuck in black and white, but it’s so much more satisfying when you can savor the flesh tints of the human body — the reddish hair that shelters a pair of swollen ballocks, the Vermilion of a stiff knob, to say nothing of the network of bluish blood-vessels that covers a prick, nor the delicate hues of the inside of a well-prepared cunt after it has been worked up near to a climax by a skilled tongue!
“Anyone here not ready for a dose of fucking?” called out John, when the film had run for a while. “I’ve seen this one scores of times, but old John Thomas never fails to weep a tear or two of joy when I run it through again. Peter, how’s yours, eh? I want that big fat tool up me as soon as the film comes to an end, so don’t let your stuff shoot out too soon, will you, eh? The women can have some fun between them, while you are getting stuffed up my arse, OK, Anne? Get the dildoes out, there’s a dear!”
Anne rose, and from a cupboard she produced a large carved wooden box, which she opened, and laid on the floor. In it, each one nestling in a bed of velvet, I saw a round dozen dildoes, just as I had seen in the album the night before! They seemed to all be different, some long, others short, some thin, and some fat. There were none that were both short and thin, I need hardly say!
“Ever had one of those up you, Miss?” said Eleanor, smiling hugely at me. It was clear that she had, and lots of times, at that, and I had to admit that I had never seen one before, except in pictures.
“Then I’ll start off with a small one! Oh, no, Miss, I don’t mean for your cunt; you’ve had Pete’s cock up there, so I wouldn’t have to use a small one for that. It’s your arsehole that I’m talking about. But first of all, you get one strapped on, and give me a dog-fucking, eh?”
I was so worked up that I would willingly have knelt down for a prize bull at the moment, but Eleanor was all there was for me. I snatched a dildo from the box, picking the biggest in sight, and in a trice I had adjusted the three straps in place, and was ready to start working on her. But I was keen to taste her cunt first, so I bent down for a suck at the thick lips that I had seen parted by Pete’s tool the day before.
“Oh, please, Miss, that’s enough. I want that lovely big thing up me, please, Miss, please do not make me wait any more for it. You’ve got a grand tongue, but it’s something bigger that I need now. That’s it, Miss, drive it in, as far up as you can get it, don’t worry, it won’t hurt me, and if it did, I wouldn’t mind.” And so on, and so on. She took all of ten minutes before she came, and then we both rested for a while after which she strapped the thing on to her thighs, and gave me my first taste of dummy-fucking. She was an expert, and at each stroke my bottom got its fair share of rubbing. When eventually I came she undid the dildo and offered it to me to lick dry!
“Girls,” broke in Anne. “That was wonderful to watch. Eleanor, before you stuff one of them up Mary’s arse, how about telling us all about your first fucking. We’ve both heard it, but perhaps Pete hasn’t, and I know my niece would love to hear how you forced that old chap to give you and your sister a dose of his prick.” Looking around, I saw that Peter and John had finished, and I regretted that I had missed seeing my uncle letting his groom give him a length of rampant cock up the behind. However, there would surely be lots more opportunities, so I wasn’t dismayed at having not watched them on the job.
Eleanor made herself comfortable on the floor, and launched into her narrative.
“I was twelve years old, when my life really began. I was living in Yorkshire with my parents and my elder sister, who was a year older than me. I had found out for myself that, by using my finger, I could get a lovely feeling in my pussy and so had my sister, but neither of us had dared to admit this to the other at the time.
“One day we went for a long walk out into the country, and, feeling a bit hungry, we decided to climb into a walled garden and see if there were any apples to be had. While we were filling our pockets with rosy apples, we heard a commotion at the far end of the orchard, and lay low, in case there was someone coming. Soon we realized that there were three voices coming from the other end of the orchard, the first, a grown-up’s and he was clearly angry, and the other two were plainly those of a pair of young boys, who were begging the man to let them go. Slipping through the dense undergrowth, we drew as near as we could to where the voices were coming
from, and very soon we were lying deep in some long green grass, barely thirty yards from where a couple of village lads, whom we recognized, were being told off for pear-stealing by the gardener, who was saying that their parents would have to be told, and that they would both be beaten, without any doubt at all. Both lads looked miserable, but their little faces grew brighter when the gardener next spoke. He told them that, provided that they promised to do exactly as he said, he would let the matter pass. They accepted readily, whereupon the gardener began to take his clothes off, and told them both to do the same. In a minute or so, the three of them were down to their underpants. Then the gardener slipped his off, and the boys, rather shyly, followed suit.
“Now Ruby had often showed me her biology book from school, and we had looked especially at the chapter called ‘Reproduction,’ which contained a diagram of the male body. But in the diagram the man’s cock was hanging limply over his balls, so we were very surprised to see that the gardener’s one was in a very different condition, sticking out in front of him. But the boy’s cocks were just as we had seen in the book.
“The boys seemed astonished, too. Then the man took hold of his tool in his right hand, and began to play around with it. Next he told the two boys to turn their backs to him, and stand with their legs slightly apart. Puzzled they obeyed, where upon he went and stood behind one of them, taking care to get his cock stuck between the boy’s legs. Both boys were facing towards where we lay, hidden from sight, so we had a fine view as the knob of the man’s cock appeared in front of the boy’s legs, rubbing against the still soft cock of the lad! The effect was electric, the lad’s tool was soon as hard as the man’s! Then the man held the boy by the hips and moved his cock back and forth for a minute or two, after which he let him free, and repeated the performance with the other boy.
“Right, you two, now you’ve got them hard, we’ll get started. It doesn’t look to me as if either of you know what your tools are for, and that’ll make it all the better for me. We are all going to have a good old fuck, and you’ll find that’s a deal better than a caning, lads! To begin with, you can each fuck me, and after you’ve seen how I like it, you’ll be asking me to do it back to you!” Then he knelt down on the grass. Underneath him, we could see his hairy ball-bag, and beyond that a small part of his cock was visible. Motioning the bigger boy towards him, he told him to kneel down as well, and then to get his cock rammed up his bottom! The lad didn’t hesitate and in a trice he had shoved his tool deep into the gardener’s guts, and began to stroke away. He wasn’t long in coming, and then the younger boy took his place and soon he too had pumped a load of spunk up into the gardener’s bottom.
“Smashing, both of you. Now it’s your turn to have one up you, and since my prick is a big one, you’d better start off doing it to each other, and then there’ll be more room for mine, eh?” The effect of this curious spectacle on me was to give me a feeling not unlike the one I often got by using my fingers, and my cunt was quite damp from the excitement that these events had produced.
“To cut a long story short, the boys first buggered each other, and then, in turn, kneeled down to take the man’s tool as a finale. His idea of getting the boys to prepare the way for him paid off, for neither of them seemed to suffer at all, and the chap’s cock was no midget, as I got to know in later years! Indeed, the boys loved it, and even asked the man to do it again, but he said that they
ought to go, and gave them the fruit they had stolen, swearing them to secrecy about what had happened. We heard him mention that, if the police heard about it, all three would go to jail for a long time. This made Ruby think, and, crawling silently over to where I lay, she suggested that, since the gardener was scared of being found out, we ought to profit by this, and threaten him with telling the police unless he did as we said. She said her twat was dripping wet, and so was mine, by then. So, when the boys had got out of sight, we stood up, and called out to the gardener. ‘Mister, we’ve seen everything, and we think you’re a naughty man, doing that to those lads!’ The fellow went white with shock, obviously certain that all was lost! We let him sweat for a while, and then Ruby spoke again. ‘But we swear that we will not tell anyone, on one condition, that you give us a fucking each. How about that, Mister?’
“He looked relieved, and said that he would be delighted to do so, but that he would have to go home for a second to get something to make sure we didn’t have any babies as a result. We agreed to that, and he went off, saying he’d be back in ten minutes.
“While he was away getting some Frenchies, Ruby and I compared notes, and soon each knew of the other’s frigging. Then we talked of the huge size of the man’s tool, and wondered how on earth we would manage to accommodate it.
“When the man returned, he had a packet of Frenchies, and some special jelly as well, which he said would stop it hurting when he got his cock up us. Then he took all his clothes off again, and this time his tool was down to nothing, just like the one in the book. He explained that to use two lots of spunk was tiring, and suggested that we should sit down for a chat before we got down to business, to give his cock a chance.
“He told us to get stripped off, too, for he said he felt like a fool, stark naked, while the two of us were both fully dressed! Then we sat on either side of him on the ground, and he started off by telling us some of the many things we didn’t know about. To begin with, he told us the words to use, explaining that ‘coitus,’ ‘vagina’ and ‘penis’ were all very well for doctors, but that ordinary people didn’t need to use Latin terms! I thought that cock and cunt both sounded a good deal better, and that they were rather exciting words to use. Then he told us that there were two kinds of fucking, and said that, with a girl, you could choose between her cunt and her arse, while a boy only had an arse. But he said that a boy had a prick to give a return fuck with, and that that made the score ‘even.’ Then he said that his wife wasn’t keen on being fucked, and that she never moved around when he was on top of her, nor even said anything to egg him on to greater efforts. Then he told us to see what we thought of his tool now, and we saw that it was as stiff as it had been when we first saw it.
“First, he said, Ruby was to sit on top of his face, while I was to take the end of his tool in my mouth! There it was, towering up from its bed of short, curly hairs, just like a skyscraper! I looked closely at it, my very first cock, determined to memorize every detail of it. He had not even been circumcised, and his foreskin was a big one, still covering his knob, even when his tool was stiff. He told me to pull it downwards, past the rim of his knob, and, when I did so, I saw his ruby-colored knob in all its glory. Meanwhile, my sister had planted her twat full on his mouth, and he was sucking away like a mad thing, determined to give her every satisfaction with his eager tongue. I bent down, opened my mouth as far as it would go, and drew the first two
inches of his tool inwards. It was large, but I most noticed its warmth. It seemed to have a life all of its own, and I sucked away as if it were a lollipop. Having never done it before, I did not do it very well, but it certainly got a lot harder!
“Then he handed a Frenchie to Ruby and told me to let his tool go, and then he told her how to roll it downwards from his knob until it was all covered up. Then he told her to he down on her back, legs wide apart, and he gave me the tube of jelly, telling me how to squeeze some of it in between her cunt-lips. He was very thoughtful, as we knew from having watched him seducing the two boys earlier. I felt her twat a bit, while I was applying the jelly, and, believe me, there was absolutely no need for jelly, so wet and squishy was it by then! Then he got on top of her, held his knob in place, and slowly drove it home until his balls were slapping against her arsehole. Once he had got it all the way in, he began to fuck away for all he was worth, and very soon her breathing quickened up, and she gave a gasp such as I had never heard in my life! Then he got up, and I saw his cock covered in blood, which he ordered me to lick off! The mixture of cunt juice, jelly and blood tasted so good, and I licked my lips in delight.
“Then it was my turn, and the process was repeated, without any pain at all. He used the same Frenchie, and when he had given me all the pleasure I could stand, he drew his cock out, and said that one of us should drink his spunk out of the Frenchie! I said that we ought to share it, and so Ruby pulled it off his cock, and, holding the closed end high up, let some of his gobs of creamy sperm trickle down into her mouth. The taste made her wince a bit, but that didn’t put me off at all, and I soon knew what his stuff tasted like.
“Next, he told Ruby to suck at my cunt, which was oozing blood, and when she had cleaned me up, I did the same for her. That was smashing, and when we got home that night, we gave each other another sucking, finding to our delight and astonishment that we could get a climax like that. Once we knew that, you can guess that we had fun with each other whenever we got the chance, and that was often, for we shared a bedroom!”
Eleanor’s account of how she had first sampled the satisfactions that are brought to a virgin by a well-built cock had made me ache for something like that myself, and my Aunt Anne spotted this.
“Well done, Eleanor, and now it’s time for my niece to try having one up her backside. There’s no young boy here to open her hole up, so you can use a thin dildo on her, OK?”
I had no fear of being fucked in this other way, for it was clearly a grand way to enjoy a cock, so I made no objection, only listening hard to Anne’s instructions. Her plan was for us to start by Eleanor lying on her backside, and me squatting over her face, to let her suck at my quim, and the Anne herself was going to stand so that I could get at her twat with my tongue! Then, when Eleanor had got me randy still, she was going to insert the smallest dildo up my bottom, while going on sucking at the lips of my quim.
We got into position, and soon I was tingling all over, as Eleanor’s practised tongue and lips worked away at my twat. Then I felt her finger trying to make its way up my bottom, and I strained as if to shit. This made her task all the easier, and soon I felt her whole finger buried
inside me. Then Anne got into position, standing in front of me, legs slightly apart, and held her cunt-lips open with her fingers, so that her button stood out, offering itself to my mouth. As I licked away at it, I felt Eleanor’s finger slip out again, only to be succeeded by a dildo. Then I knew that I had only joy to expect from this new pleasure, and no pain. It’s a wonderful feeling, the first time you get your arse plugged with a dildo, and even better when the first cock goes up. I recommend everyone to give buggery a try, and I would be very surprised if many people could honestly deny they had loved it. My uncle used to say he loved a cunt no more or less than an arse, and, when I asked him if he really had no preference he said it was like saying “which is better, fillet steak, or Dover sole?” — and that he hoped he’d never have to make a final choice between these delightful pleasures. Then, step by step, Eleanor began to enlarge my arsehole, each time slipping a larger dildo in to my bottom, until I had five of them up me in turn! Each time there was a slight stretching, but pain, never!
The best part was when she drove each one right deep inside me, and then held it there for a moment. The pleasure that this brought me was so overwhelming that I could hardly concentrate on sucking away at Anne’s twat, but somehow I managed not to disappoint my aunt, whose appetite was vast. I’ve always wished that my clitoris was as large as hers, but there it is, if you have a tiny one, there’s not all that much you can do about it, except that frequent rubbing is always said to make a difference. I knew one girl who swore that the size of hers was due entirely to her having herself rubbed off twice daily since the age of ten, but others say that this has made no difference to theirs.
Finally Eleanor said I’d managed to take the largest of the dildoes without any trouble, and so that I was ready to try flesh and blood up me, but whose, she asked? I secretly wanted to give this second virginity to Pete, as a reward for having dealt so gently with the other one, but my uncle said that he was entitled to have the privilege of being first to bugger my tight little arsehole! Eleanor said she’d stay underneath me, not wanting to miss a close-up of my uncle’s tool as it vanished through my little brown ring. As soon as he applied his knob, I felt its warmth, and found this a great improvement on the impersonal rubber knobs of the dildoes, excellent models though they might have been. As it drove up me, I felt a greater sense of being dominated than any cunt-fuck has ever given me. It seemed that all my insides were being churned up, and pushed up towards my tits. I felt a helpless slave to my own uncle, and Eleanor’s skilled treatment of my twat I scarcely noticed any more, even though I might well have grumbled, had she left off sucking at my quim.
Uncle was an expert at taking his time, and he made it last an age. He used to say that the secret was to think about something entirely different, and that his favorite trick was to do a long-division calculation in his head in the middle of a fuck!
Finally, however, his thrusts grew more and more frequent, and then I felt a warm jet of something shooting up into my bowels!
As John drew his limp tool out of my bottom, his knob fell down into the eagerly awaiting mouth of Eleanor, who had a special preference for the taste of a prick just after it had been up an arse! Exhausted, I fell forward into Anne’s arms, and only with difficulty did she stop me from falling forward onto the ground.
Then John said that we had better have another rest, and asked whose turn it was to entertain the company. We all pointed to him, and he laughed. “Yes, I suppose it is my turn, after all.”
“It was during my first half at Eton that I was introduced to the real things that matter in life. I had been cheeky to several senior boys, and our house prefect said that I was to go to his room late that night for a long talk about my future at the school.
“I had a bath, put on my pajamas and dressing gown, and padded along to his room. Entering, I found that he, too, was in his dressing-gown, and this was odd, for the seniors normally got undressed much later than we did.
“He told me to sit down, and, briefly, told me that I deserved a hard canning, but that he hoped to avoid this. As he said this, he undid the cord of his dressing-gown, and pulled it open, after which he loosened the string of his pajamas, and opened them as well! There stood a fine, long, thick cock, arising from a mass of red hair, which also covered his balls with a fine fuzz. He had no foreskin, so I got a clear view of his knob straight away.
“’Now let me see what sort of weapon you have, youngster. I’ve not had a look at you in the swimming-pool yet. Ah, not so bad, but I’ve had bigger ones shown to me in here, I must say. Now, young fellow, you have an easy choice; either you do what I say, and that you will enjoy, or I give you six of the best, and that you won’t enjoy, I can assure you.’
“What was I to say? I have never enjoyed pain, and he said I would enjoy the alternative!
“I told him I would rather do anything he named than have a canning, and he smiled knowingly at this, for his reputation with the stick was a bad one. One boy spent a week in bed, after only three strokes of the cane!
“’Right,’ he said. ‘To begin with, I am going to kneel down in front of you and play around with that nice young weapon of yours. When it’s got nice and hard, I shall take it in my mouth, and suck away at it. I can tell you, you’ll simply love it.’
“It sounded rather fun and certainly a great deal better than any beating, so I spread my legs wider, and the older boy knelt down, just as he had said. With one hand he began to fondle my balls, taking hold of my cock in the other. He managed it very gently for a while, and, watching, I saw it and felt it stiffening under his attentions. Once it was standing up properly, he lowered
his head towards my thighs, and sticking his tongue out, started to titillate the very end of my knob with the tip of it. This was terribly thrilling for me, and I began to heave my arse up and down in joy.
“Then he left off for a moment, going over to his desk, from which he produced a sheaf of letters, which he told me to read while he went on sucking at my cock and squeezing my balls. The letters were from a cousin, a rather older boy, who wrote frankly indeed, both about their mutual pleasures in the past, and of the amusements he was planning for the next school holiday. Girls figured in these letters to some extent, but it was quite clear that the writer, while fond of cunt, far preferred the plump arse of his cousin. When I read the last letter, I laid the bundle down, and the prefect again stopped sucking at my tool, telling me that he wanted me to do the same thing to him, if I wanted to.
“Of course I was delighted to return some part of the joys I had been showered with, although he had not actually made me come. Soon we had exchanged positions, and I was following his careful instructions on how to give him the greatest satisfaction. He told me to pay most heed to the underside of his tool, just behind his knob, and when I tried this out, he went into raptures, saying that my tongue was as exciting as the wings of a butterfly!
“’Good boy. And now we come to the best part of all. Young fellow, I’m going to kneel in that chair where you are sitting, and you are to stand behind me. At first, you just nib your knob up against my bum-hole, and then, when it’s ready, you can shove your tool right up inside my arse, and give me a good fucking — the first I’ve had this half.’
“He didn’t tell me to play with his cock while I was doing all that, so he was all the happier when I did so without being told. His hole was a very tight fit for my weapon, and for a moment I feared it would do me harm, but this thought was banished the moment he began to writhe about in the chair, calling out endearments to me, and thanking me for giving him so grand a time. At these words, I quickened my stroking, and this had the natural effect of bringing my climax all the closer, little though I knew this. Having my tool sucked had been good enough, but to have it gripped by the powerful muscles of his abdomen was something beyond any comparison. I felt my whole senses numbed, save for those around my thighs, which on the contrary became all the sharper. Then I shot my load, and I could feel the stuff coursing along the tube from my balls to my knob, and out into his guts! He moaned with delight as he felt my cock stiffen just a bit more as the prelude to my shooting my spunk into him, and then I felt it soften down to its more usual size. I did not have to pull it out, for the pressure of his arsehole squeezed it out, just like toothpaste as it is forced out of a tube!
“He then thanked me profusely, and said that he’d love me to come along to his room for a similar performance any time I felt keen for another go. I said I’d be there every night, if I wasn’t afraid that someone might suspect something. Then he told me that there was a place in the town where we could go for some fun, and he gave me instructions. All I had to do was to amble down High Street, enter a shop called Wilson’s, a small stationers, and ask if they had any ‘old French stamps.’ The lady behind the counter would recognize this as the password, and I would be shown to the upper floor.
“All this secrecy attracted me, and also I was, of course, very keen to have some more of the fun I had just been introduced to, so I agreed to do as he said, and then I said ‘goodnight’ to him and went to bed.
“That Saturday, I dodged games by pretending to have a bad knee, and slipped out of school as soon as lunch was over, found the shop, entered, and, just as instructed asked for some ‘old French stamps.’ The woman behind the counter gave me a conspiratorial smile and wink, and pointed to a door at the back of the shop, telling me to go through it, climb up to the second floor, and walk straight into the door opposite the head of the stairs.
“On entering the room at the top of the house, what do you think I saw, the moment I pushed the door open? There was a young woman, whom I had seen often around the school, where she was a maid, sitting in an armchair, legs wide apart, and wearing nothing at all but a tiny black bra!
“’Come on in, sonny. Your boy friend is here already. Take a look under the bedclothes, if you want to see what he looks like now. And then get those togs off, and let me see what your prick’s really like. He says it is not a bad one at all, but I want to judge for myself.’ Excited by her words, and puzzled by what she said about my new friend, I pulled the blankets back from the bed in the corner. My mentor was lying there, bound hand and foot, and his mouth filled with a gag, consisting, as I could see, of a pair of underpants! His buttocks were crisscrossed with livid weals, and there were spots of blood on the blankets. I made as if to release him, but the girl told me to leave him alone, and that he liked being tied up and lashed with a belt!
“’Come on, boy. You’ve seen him, and now what about me? I’ve got a hot and sticky twat all ready for you, so don’t muck about, just get your things off, and let’s get to work.’ Saying this, she hoisted her legs over the arms of the chair and began to finger her cunt. I got stripped in a moment and went over to her. I felt not a trace of awkwardness, for she spoke so naturally that I could not see any cause for embarrassment.
“’Sonny,’ she said. ‘If you knew the names of the young boys who’ve seen their first naked woman in this room, you’d be astonished.’ She went on to tell me that she, and her mother before her, had initiated hundreds of young Etonions in the ways of man and woman.
“’Now just you kneel down and take a good look. Mine hasn’t any hair, but most women don’t know about shaving it off. When you’ve seen it all, get down and suck it. You’ll like the taste, I’m sure. Blimey, you’re a keen one, aren’t you, eh? That’s it, suck away all you can.’ I could detect a slight taste of piss, for she knew that cunts can be too clean, and that this extra taste is rather thrilling to any man.
“’Right, now let me have that tool of yours. Just get your knob in place, and shove hard. Oooooooh, that’s the way. Now stroke away just as you did when you got up our friend’s bottom. Lovely! He’s taught you jolly well.’ Actually, of course, the stroking motion is utterly natural, and needs no teaching at all, but I wasn’t to know that then, was I?’
“Marigold, as she was called, was totally free of inhibitions, and so made a wonderful teacher. Hundreds of her pupils’ wives must have owed her debt of gratitude for setting their husbands on
the right path. For her, nothing was barred, and the word ‘perversion’ just meant nothing to her. She, and her mother too, as you will see, had preached their gospel to scores and scores of boys, many of whom are well-known today, and I heard recently that her daughter now helps her in the good work. The mother is dead now, of course.
When eventually I poured out my spunk into her, we both fell back into the chair and breathed deeply for a while, exhausted. Then she told me I had done very well, but that we ought not to forget the other boy, who still lay tied, face downwards, on the bed. I stood up to let her get to her feet, and she went over to him, and removed the gag from his mouth, and asked him how he was.
“I feel completely your slave, Mistress. Lying here, powerless, while you both had that fuck, was a perfect punishment, but now I want you both to stick me in the bath, and then piss all over me.” He was, as I learned a masochist as far as women were concerned, and had never shown the least keenness to fuck Marigold. She told me later that she didn’t enjoy the way he asked her to treat him, but that he was so generous that this made up for her lack of pleasure.
“She loosened the bonds that tied him to the bed, so that he was able to kneel on all fours, and then she took a long piece of cord and tied a slip knot in it, making a small loop at one end. This loop she slipped over his cock and balls, and drew the loop tight! The idea was to make a halter by which she was going to lead him, once she had completely freed him from the bed. In fact, I had the job of undoing the cords, and then she told him to stand up. She then reached up to where a small pulley was dangling from the ceiling, and threaded the other end of the cord through the pulley. Then she told me to fetch a weight from behind the curtain, and there I found a large lump of iron, so heavy that it was a strain to move it. A ring was set into the weight, and when I had lifted the weight over to where they were standing she told me to lay it down by the chap’s feet. She then pulled the cord downwards making her captive moan in pain, and attached the cord to the weight. He had to stand on tiptoe to lessen the pressure, threatening as it did to tear his balls and cock away from his body. “’That’s dealt with you, and now we’ll have some tea. Call down to my ma, Johnny, there is a good boy. She’ll be naked when she comes in, but that won’t worry you, I guess. She’s as fond of cock as I am, and she still gets her share, don’t you worry.’ I left the room, and called out down the stairs, ‘Can we have some tea, please?’ Immediately I heard her mother’s footsteps, and I stood to watch her come up the stairs. She was stark naked, and, like her daughter, her cunt was devoid of any bush. She was still young, and her flesh was firm but ample. A fine pair of tits stuck out from her chest, needing no bra to support them yet.
“The three of us sat down to drink as much tea as we could, for we would need our bladders as full as possible very shortly. Then our prisoner said he wanted to shit!
“Marigold told me to loosen the cord and let her mother fetch a plate from the kitchen. Our masochist friend crouched low over the plate, on all fours and strained in an effort to void his arse. I watched, totally enthralled, as a small brown turd began to squeeze its way out of his body. As it fell on to the plate, another followed it, and then Marigold fetched a sponge, and wiped away the traces of shit that remained!
“’Right, now let’s give him what he wants. Johnny, lead him into the bathroom, and, if he makes any trouble, pull hard on the string. That’ll stop it.’ I did so, and my senior prefect was soon lying flat on his back in the bath. Then Marigold stood over him, placing her feet on each side of the bath, and, bunching the lips of her quim together, she let go a stream of golden piss right in his face! He opened his mouth, and almost every drop of the steaming hot liquid flowed down his throat until I thought he must drown in it. Marigold’s mother, meanwhile, had taken the lavatory brush in one hand, and was stuffing it deep into her twat, to give herself a rub-off.
“’Your turn, Johnny, and watch his cock while you’re doing it, eh?’ I took her place, and focussing my attention on his tool, sprayed my piss all over his body. The effect was immediate, and his tool, still held by the loop of cord, stood up like a lamp-post, and sprayed a jet of white spunk high into the air, almost spattering me as it fell!
“Marigold said that we would leave him there, and told him to lick the bath clean, and she, her mother, and I went back to her living-room. She told me to have a look at some pictures, and I found that she had a collection, not of photos, but of drawings, done, she said, by a former art master at the college! He had been a man of vast imagination, and had done his best to caricature every form of sexual activity, drawing the men’s cocks twice as large as they ought to have been. I remember few of them, except one that showed a chap sucking his own tool, without having to strain unduly to get at it. That gives you an idea how big the cock was, I reckon.
“Now, you’ve all seen lots of drawings and photos, I’m sure, so I won’t bore you with all the details. The effect of seeing them was just as you will have guessed, and John Thomas was soon standing up, ready to take on whatever offered itself. Marigold’s mother, whose name was Marcella, eyed it with pleasure, and suggested that I ought to try what she called a ‘tit-fuck.’ She lay back on the bed, and told me to get over her so that my tool was caught between her tits as she held them close together. This was rather fun, but she wouldn’t let me go on as long as I wanted, wanting to save my strength for something else.
“Then Marigold said that she and her mother were going to do 69, and that I would not have many chances to see mother and daughter doing that, once I had left school. Marigold lay on her back, and Marcella crouched over her, so that her arse was towards me. Marigold clamped her lips to her mother’s body, and I stood closer to get a better look. Marigold’s mouth made delicious squelching sounds as she lapped eagerly at the juicy twat, that Marcella had prepared with the handle of the lavatory brush while Marigold had been emptying her bladder over our prisoner. As her mother writhed her arse from side to side, my tool grew stiffer, and, not thinking, I took it in one hand and began to massage it in an effort to get relief. Still sucking, Marigold reached one hand out to me, and gestured towards her mother’s arse! The meaning was clear. Both twats were occupied, but that still left a pair of arses, and Marcella’s brown daisy was pouting with desire for something substantial. I was no longer fussy about where I stuffed my cock, as long as it was somewhere warm and tight, so I reached forward, and gripped Marcella’s hips with both hands. Placing my knob fair and square against the tempting opening I lunged forward, and buried my tool inside her body!
“’Ooooh, you dirty little bugger,’ said Marcella. ‘Still, having a good, sturdy prick pushed in makes a change from soft turds coming out, so go ahead.’ Later I was told that she had been
hoping that I would find sight of her bottom too much for me. I rogered away until I came, and while I was doing so, Marigold fondled my balls with both hands, and even fingered my arse as well.
“You can well imagine that, introduced to Marigold and Marcella, I was not one to let the friendship wither. Almost every Saturday that I could get free, I spent in their room during the rest of my time in Eton. I never had to rely on my hand, unlike so many of my school fellows, to whom tossing-off was the only relief available.”
John’s account had, like Eleanor’s earlier one, revived all our energies, and indeed none of us had entirely managed to control our desires until his narrative was at an end. Pete had stuffed a dildo up his bottom, Eleanor was squeezing her nipples, I was toying with my clitoris, and Anne had actually come and was now licking the cunt-juice off her fingers.
“Come here, Mary, and ride me!”
John was on his back on the floor, his weapon ready for action. I squatted over his thighs, and lowered my bottom until I felt his knob pressing between the lips of my hungry twat.
“Now you, Peter, come and give young Mary a taste of your tool, up her arse. But maybe it needs a lick first, eh?” My arse needed no licking at all, for lots of my quim-juice had trickled down to it, but that wasn’t the point — John knew well that I’d like a tonguing there, and that Pete was more than willing to give it to me. His tongue procured me ineffable delights as it darted up into my guts, and then he brought his John Thomas into position, ready to plunge it into me. Eleanor’s efforts with the various dildoes had made his task easy, and I moaned with joy as I felt the warmth of his gristly tool forcing my back-passage open. To have two cocks stuffed into me at the same time was terrific, and both John and Pete loved it too, for each could actually feel the other’s cock stroking away only a fraction of an inch away from his own! Each man was determined to make this session last, so every now and again he would stop for a while, and then start working away again. In this way each delayed his orgasm several times, but in the end the strain of doing this was far too much for either of them.
When each had spurted his load of spunky cream into me, we lay together for a moment or so, and then Pete raised himself and drew his tool out of my body, making a sweet little plopping sound as he did so. I got up off John and began to wonder what would happen next.
Anne then elected to entertain us with some of her experiences as the receptionist to a doctor, the job she had had before she married my uncle.
“Dr. Humbert was a conscientious man, whose patients frequently consulted him on non-medical matters. His own marriage was blissfully happy, and when a patient disclosed that his or hers was not going all that well, Dr. Humbert would ask for further details. Often money was the
trouble, and he would do all he could to advise his patient on how to overcome these difficulties, but the commonest cause was Sex, I need hardly tell you.
“If he was dealing with a man, Dr. Humbert would then have a long, frank talk with him, but when it was a woman, he would ask me to do the talking, as he didn’t want to embarrass the woman. He knew that I was as broad-minded about that delicious subject as he was, so he could rely on me to brush away the cobwebs of ignorance, superstition and middle-class upbringing.
“When dealing with such a woman patient, I would begin by getting down the vital question of what terms we were to use, asking her which words she was accustomed to using when in bed with her husband. I could never be sure that she would tell me the truth, of course, and so some of them may not really have needed my advice. The fact remains that almost always I was assured that they never used terms more frank than coitus, vagina, marital relations, male organ, penetration and sperm! I would then ask why she preferred such technical terms, and suggest that she ought to call her arm by its Latin name too!
“’Doesn’t your husband ever ask to suck your cunt?’ I would ask, and occasionally the patient would blush, indicating that he did, but that she hated to admit it. But usually the answer was a shocked stare, and I would have to explain that cunnilingus was a delicious and perfectly natural way of getting a woman all the randier, and that men love to do it, anyway.
Eventually I would persuade the woman to tell me all, and to give up using prudish medical terms when talking about the supreme pleasures. I would often be told that she was married to a man who never made her get to a climax, and then I would have to explain that this might well be her fault in part. Did she, for instance, know how to encourage him in bed, by describing her sensations to him in the frankest possible language, as he stroked away inside her? Did she realize that her clitoris had a vital part to play, and that she could help a lot by rubbing it herself before her husband’s tool started to make its way into her twat? I always wore no panties for such sessions, and I would pull my skirt up high to let her see my pussy, all juicy by then. Holding the lips wide apart, I would explain each part to her. The sight of me doing this excited nearly every woman, and when I said how much I enjoyed having a tongue up my twat, some admitted that they had done this at school with other girls and that they agreed that it was heavenly. If I felt like it, I would then offer to do it to her, and there would follow an orgy of 69 which not only pleased me, but also was a step in the direction of sexual enjoyment for the woman.
“At other times, Dr. Humbert would get me to deal with a male patient. Many men, especially Englishmen, only really relax when they are with a whore, for the old belief that a virtuous woman mustn’t enjoy a good fuck retains for many adherents. My job was to show that a well-brought-up girl such as I clearly was could and should get just as much fun as any tart, and that therefore he should coach his wife in the finer points of eroticism.
“I would start off by explaining my philosophy of sex to him, saying that I believed in seeking out every form of pleasure that the human body made possible, and also that every means of sharpening one’s appetite was, to me at least, not only permissible but obligatory. To illustrate my point I would get out some sexy pictures, things that most Englishmen associate essentially with prostitutes. I would start by using the Anglo-Saxon terms, which again are regarded as
‘dirty’ by the average Briton! This never failed to surprise, but soon they realized that a lady could call her vagina a cunt without ceasing to be a lady!
“By that time, I could see the chap’s cock beginning to bulge inside his pants, and I might suggest a go of 69, knowing that this is something men love, yet that most would never ask a ‘decent’ girl to do with them!
“’You know,’ I would say. ‘You lick away at my quim, while I’ve got a mouthful of your hot, stiff tool!’ Or perhaps I would suggest that he bugger me, another thing that every man wants to do, if he is prepared to face facts. After doing one of these things, we would lie together for a while, leafing through my album, pointing out especially interesting postures to each other, and always using the right words when doing so.
“After a session like that, the husband would go home, promising to try out some of my ideas with his wife, and very often Dr. Humbert got a very grateful letter from one or both of them a week or so later, saying that our ‘treatment’ had saved their marriage.
“But the best of all was when Dr. Humbert and I gave an exhibition fuck to a couple, for I love it when there are spectators to watch the fun. And when we’d demonstrate the gamahuche, me sitting on Dr. Humbert’s face and rubbing my twat back and forth, the expression on my face was often enough to make the wife tear her clothes off and beg her husband to lie down to let her try this ‘forbidden’ pleasure for herself.”
At this point, John chipped in, saying it was three a.m., and that we really had to stop, if we were going to be able to wake up the next day.
Three days later, my term began, and before I took the train back to school, Anne said that I ought to satisfy my new appetite by making a few Lesbian conquests, but also that I must promise never to breathe a word of my experiences with her and John, Peter and Eleanor. She said that I was sole heir to her money, and John’s too, but that I would lose the lot if I betrayed them.
After a week of term, my twat was itching for something more satisfactory than my forefinger, even if I coated it with face-cream. I was set on making some converts to my new beliefs, but it wasn’t easy to know who among my school-friends I could trust.
My dilemma resolved itself when two girls asked me why there was a rule to the effect that no two girls could go for a walk alone.
“I know why it is, but what I can’t follow is why the headmistress doesn’t realize that three of us can do the things that she is afraid of a couple getting up to, and that they can do them even better than a pair of us ever could!” I replied, certain that this enigmatic answer would make the two girls, Gwen and Hilda, more puzzled than ever they had been!
“Whatever do you mean, Mary? Do you mean that you know all about it, whatever it is? Tell us, Mary, is it very terrible, and what is it exactly? Is it something to do with stealing?”
“Gwen, and you too, Hilda, if you want to know, come out with me on Sunday, and I’ll give you a few lessons. No, it’s nothing to do with stealing, that I can assure you. It’s the greatest of fun, but you really must promise not to blab, or we’ll get the sack. Do you swear not to blurt out a word, Gwen? Hilda?
The two girls promised faithfully that they would never betray me, and we fixed a time for our first lesson. A virgin a fortnight earlier, I was determined that others should have the benefit of my newly acquired knowledge, apart from which I was, as I say, badly in need of satisfaction. I imagined that I would have no chance of getting hold of a cock until the next holidays, but this was only a slight sadness, knowing as I did that girls on their own could more than make do with each others’ bodies. But, just in case a prick came my way, John had slipped me a few rubbers for my protection, and these nestled securely among my underclothes in the drawer in my cubicle.
The following Sunday, the three of us applied for leave to go for a walk together, and, in their innocence, the authorities approved this, just as they would have refused if there had been only two of us!
We made our way towards a field that I had spotted, where there grew Indian corn, standing several feet high, and in the middle of the field there was a tree. We sat in the shade of the tree, and Gwen then asked me to explain the mystery of the ‘no pairs’ rule.
“Do either of you ever play with your pussies?” I asked, taking care to use a word that they would already know. As I said this, I drew my skirt up to my waist, pulled aside the crotch of my panties, and let them see my twat. Parting the lips, I placed the tip of one forefinger on my clitoris, and pressed very gently on it. They watched, eyes riveted to my clitoris, and the extraordinary sight of me playing with myself. They could see from my face that my actions were very pleasurable. I then told them that the reason for the rule was fear that a couple of girls might well get up to such tricks, whereas the presence of a third would probably prevent this.
Both Gwen and Hilda betrayed their excitement by pulling their skirts up and beginning to copy me, and I got a fine look at their virgin cunts as they fingered away at them. Then they told me that they had both been doing that for a long time, whereupon I said that in that case they ought to try having another person do it, and assured them that this was far better. An hour later I had given each an orgasm with my finger, and Gwen had returned the compliment to me. With the greatest difficulty I held back from offering the supreme Lesbian caress, for I felt that the secrets of the gamahuche ought really to wait for another time.
The following week, we frigged each other once again, and then I let them watch me have a piss, or a wee-wee, as they called it. Neither had ever seen another girl’s twat pour out a clear stream of golden fluid, and each was rather excited to see me do it. I asked them to do it for me, and as I watched two jets of piss shoot out of their young bodies and soak away into the ground, I felt an urge to beg them to pour it down my throat instead!
But I mastered this urge, and contented myself by telling them that it was even better to watch a man’s bladderful of piss shooting out of his cock.
The week after that, I at last told them that, while a frig was great fun, there was a better way of getting the same eventual thrill, and that this consisted in letting another person stick a tongue up into their twats! They were disgusted at this idea at first, but soon I had convinced them that they ought at least to give it a try. They agreed a little reluctantly. Gwen was the first to take her panties off, and then lower herself onto my face. Her doubts vanished as soon as my tongue began to work on her feelings, and I brought her to a climax that, she said, was far better than anything her finger or mine had yet produced. Before letting Hilda savor this pleasure, I got Gwen to do it to me, and thus at last relieved myself in one of the ways that I had grown to love so much during the holidays. Hilda found the gamahuche no less wonderful than Gwen had, and both thanked me profusely for what I had taught them. We spent the rest of the afternoon talking about sex, which meant that I had to sweep away a load of sheer nonsense from their young minds. They were eager to learn all I could tell them, and when I gave them some notion of what it felt like when a man drove his cock up into one’s twat, they were eager to try this out for themselves. But, I said that they mustn’t do anything rash, and that for the moment we should all content ourselves with girlish games, leaving the solid enjoyment of a cock until they were older. They didn’t care for this argument, saying that it was easy for me to talk that way having already tried men out, whereas they were still untried, and all the more anxious to learn.
As it turned out, it was only a week later that they saw and felt their first cock, for on the following Sunday we found that we were not the first to arrive at our secret place, having been preceded by a couple, a boy with an older woman, whom, with surprise, we recognized as Mile. Vanneau, our own French mistress!
Fortunately we heard their voices some way away from our tree, and so had a chance to conceal ourselves. Foot by foot, we edged through the tall Indian corn, until we were only a short distance from them, and able to make out nearly all they said. I had recognized Mile. Vanneau by her voice alone, but it was not until we were close to them that I saw that her companion was one of the school gardener’s sons, a boy of about sixteen.
“Oh, Billy, my darling, how wonderful it is to be alone with you again. I could never stand life in this dreary place, unless I had our rare meetings to look forward to. In class, the girls notice that I am a bit dreamy at times, but they cannot tell that I am wishing I was in your arms, and that at that moment my panties are soaking wet, just at the thought of your body when you press it close to mine. And, you know, I often make little sketches of your naked body, too! Can you guess which part I draw with the greatest care? Of course you can! Oh, Billy, your tool is the most beautiful thing in my life, and every night I think about it, and try to imagine that it’s buried deep in my cunt, and that you’ve got two fingers up my cunt as well. Look what I’ve got for you this time!” Mile. Vanneau handed her companion a gold watch that glinted in the sunlight.
“Thanks, you old cow. For that, I’d fuck my own grandmother. Fancy me, not yet seventeen, taking presents for poking away at an old bag of forty-five! Still, you’re not a bad piece of ‘grumble,’ even if you are a bit old for my liking. Next time get me a camera, and a good one, or there’ll not be any more cock for you!” The lad’s words enraged me, for how dared he speak to an older woman in this way?”
“Certainly, my dear. I’m so lucky to have you. Of course you shall have your camera. I’ll write away for it tonight. I love it when you talk like that, Billy. I want to be your servant, and I’ll do anything you say. Just treat me like an animal — the rougher the better.”
“Sure thing, bitch. Let’s get stripped first, want you to lick my arsehole, and if I fart, do not stop, or it’s all over between us. Got it?” As they peeled off their clothes, Gwen and Hilda had eyes only for the boy, never having seen a naked man before, but my attention was drawn to the woman. Normally, Mile. Vanneau dressed very dowdily, so one never knew she could have any sort of physical assets. In fact, she had a very beautiful body, well-rounded, and without a blemish. Her breasts were full, but not sagging, and, for a woman of forty-five her legs were astonishingly well-preserved. I could just see her bush, a fuzz of blonde hair, unusually light, but at that distance her twat was lost to our view. Turning to Billy’s cock, I saw something that to me was very average, but that Gwen and Hilda found utterly blissful to contemplate. They knew its function from me, but no words can ever take the place of the reality, and I could see that they found it quite the most delightful thing they had ever seen.
Mile. V. as I shall call her, kissed Billy on the lips, or rather did her best to, for he turned away, and knelt down on the ground, sticking his arse up to her in invitation, or—rather in command. She got down on the ground behind him and planted a smacking kiss on each cheek of his bottom, before gluing her lips slap on to his little brown hole. I looked round at Gwen and Hilda, and found them looking a bit shocked! It must have been surprising for them, as indeed it was for me, to see one of the most respectable, as we thought, members of the staff kneel down to lick at the bottom of the son of the school gardener, but I was already familiar with the delights that a tongue in that spot can produce, so was not at all shocked, but rather pleased to learn that Mile. V. was such an uninhibited woman, under that dull and dreary exterior that she presented to the world. I have since heard that one can never judge much by mere appearances!
Seeing that both of them were now fully occupied, I crept further in toward the tree, and Gwen and Hilda followed me. We wanted to see and hear every detail of whatever was to take place between Mile. V. and her young lover.
As we settled down once more, taking some care not to make any noise that might have disturbed the two of them, Billy farted, and Gwen and Hilda had some difficulty in repressing a snort of laughter.
“Oh, Billy, you are too good to me, but see my dear.” We watched, all of us fascinated, as Billy strained at his arse to produce two fine turds, well-formed and firm, and Mile. V. caught them between her lips as they came out, one after the other. She seemed to relish this curious snack, but I have to admit that this sight was something I found a bit much!
“There, you dirty old baggage, and now you stay on your knees, and let me get at your bottom with my weapon.” Billy wasn’t the sort to waste time in his partner’s interest, so Mile. V. had no preparation from his tongue. He just got down behind her, held his cock in position and gave it a shove, to make it vanish deep inside her body at one go. I could see nothing of her features at this point, but I felt very sorry for her, having such a clumsy young fellow for a lover. My thighs were by then dripping with excitement, so I stood up, and strode forward, knowing that I risked
nothing at all by revealing myself, and planning to profit by the tale that Eleanor had recounted, how she and her sister had obliged a man to give them the use of his cock, merely by threats of disclosure.
“Well, if it isn’t Mademoiselle and young Billy, the gardener’s boy!” were my opening words, at which Mile. V. gave a tiny scream.
“No, no, please God, no Mary, how dare you come here? God, I am finished, for how can I look anyone in the face after this?” She fell to the ground, sobbing uncontrollably. Billy looked shattered, but he had less to lose.
“Rubbish, Mademoiselle. I know all about cocks, and cunts too. We came here for a go of 69 and we watched you instead. If we all have some games together, we’ll have to keep it a secret. How about it, eh? What do you think, Billy?”
“Games with several cunts, Miss? Why not, I’d like to know!” was the boy’s answer. Hilda and Gwen had come forward by now, and Mile. V. had recovered her composure. Billy’s cock was getting stiff again, now that the moment of discovery had passed. I began to undress, and my two companions followed suit. Billy gazed open-mouthed, as he beheld three nude young girls standing before him, as naked as the day they were born. We were all fingering our twats too, just to make it even better for him.
“My darling girls, how wonderful of you to be so understanding. We are all going to have such fun with my young Billy. I would love to watch him do it to each of you, you know. Are you all familiar with a man’s body, girls?” asked Mile. V.
“Mademoiselle, I’ve had a couple of cocks up me, but Gwen and Hilda have never even seen one until today. If Billy would like to he on his back I’ll get my twat on his mouth, and then explain all about his body to the two of them. OK, Billy?” Delighted, Billy lay down, and I pressed my hot twat hard down onto his lips.
“Girls, here’s a cock at last. It’s not a bad one at all, but you’ll see bigger ones one day, I hope. There are the balls, where the juice comes from when he fucks. Gwen, come and play with them, and you, Hilda, take his knob between your finger and thumb, and play with it until a bead of juice appears at the very end, right?”
Mile. V. meanwhile, had taken her handbag from among her clothes, and, opening it, had got a dildo! It was jet black and fairly large. It had a special handgrip, and she drove it up into her quim with a thrust that might have injured her, I thought. Then she began to bang away with it, murmuring something unintelligible in her own tongue, which I did not understand at the time. Then, seeing that I was listening, she switched into English.
“Oh, Mary, if you knew what it was like when a Negro does it to you, you would appreciate how I feel when I do this!”
“One day I’ll try it, Mademoiselle — I mean, try a Negro, for I’ve had a dildo up me several times, and I rather liked it, but a cock is the best,” I replied, turning next to Hilda, who was squeezing at Billy’s hard knob. A bead or two of his fluid had already appeared, so I told her to try sucking the knob in her mouth next. She bent down, keeping her gaze fixed on his face, and I could see that she found the mouthful most satisfying.
That afternoon, Gwen and Hilda both had their twats sucked by Billy until they smeared love juices all over his face, and then I let him give them his cock, but not up their cunts, up their arses! I didn’t get the fuck I would have liked, either, for Billy had no French letters, and I had not thought to bring mine along, never expecting to meet him and Mile. V. there at all. Then our art mistress, who had by then insisted that we use her first name, Veronique, told us to take a rest, and listen to some of her experiences.
“My mother was a Paris tart, a high-class tart, but a tart nonetheless. Who my father was, I never knew, nor did my mother, and so I expect he never knew it either. I knew nothing about the fact of my illegitimacy, nor of my mother’s way of life, until years later, when my schoolmates taunted me with both facts. When I told my mother what they had said, she told me that it was all too true, and went on to say that she had earned with her body the money with which she had fed, clothed and educated me. When indeed I told her I admired her, and that I wanted to learn all the details of what seemed to me a financially very rewarding occupation, she took me fully into her confidence, and promised to have a one-way mirror fitted in the wall that separated what she called her ‘salle d’amour’ from our living room so that I would be able to observe every detail of her bouts of sold love.
“I had some delicious times in the living-room, my eyes glued to the glass while she entertained her clients. My mother was one who stopped at nothing.
“Most of her clients were married men, who came to her, she said, merely because their wives had lost interest in sex, or perhaps had never been able to let themselves go as one should do. They were all well-off, for the common men could always use the town brothel, where they had to queue up and take their turn, whereas my mother not only worked alone, but gave an hour or more to each client.
“One day I was at my post, watching her play with a man’s cock as he undressed, when it struck me that I ought to try sketching the rampant tool. I had been good at drawing when at school, where we drew the human form, but always clothed! Thenceforth, I kept a pad handy whenever my mother had a client with her, and soon I grew proficient at drawing fine representations of men’s tools.
“When Mother saw my efforts, she said I ought to turn my talent to good advantage, and proposed that we should offer to certain clients a sketch of themselves in action with my mother, drawn from life! We were sure that some of the men would adore to have such a souvenir, and we proved to be right. When a suitable fellow was with her, she would tell him that her daughter was next door, and willing to do him a sketch as he was in the act. I would then walk in, naked, and carrying my sketching-pad. Mother would explain that I was a virgin, and was to remain that way for the moment, but that the man could caress me if he wanted. As if a single man ever refused this offer of a young girl’s favors, incomplete though they might be. Sometimes the sketching got rather forgotten, I must say, especially when I felt randy, and wanted to play with the chap’s tool, and not merely to draw a picture of it!
“Once, I remember, one of Mother’s clients, a judge, asked her if he could bring his wife along the next time, saying that she was very broad-minded, and enjoyed listening to him recounting the precise details of his exploits in our house. Mother told him to go ahead, and after lunch the next day, a car came and the judge and his elegant young wife emerged. She looked no older than I was, the young bride of an experienced old roue, and probably all the happier for that. I was not to take part in the first meeting, but to hide in my usual place in the room adjoining the scene of activities.
“Antoinette, the wife, began to undress as soon as they were all in the room together, and I say that she had the figure of Venus, making my mother’s look almost ugly in comparison, and her husband seemed a ludicrous sight beside her, with his fat paunch hanging down towards his tool, which, however, didn’t look at all absurd as it rose up to a state of magnificent erection. My mother invited Antoinette to take charge of the party.
“Very well, Madame, since you wish it, I cannot refuse. Jacques, I want you to do it to me as a dog does it to a bitch, while I lap at the lips of Madame’s slit. I have always longed to sample another woman’s lips,” replied Antoinette. I knew that her husband loved to fuck from the rear, but that he preferred the arse-hole to the cunt when in this position. Mother lay back on her sofa, legs spread wide in invitation, and Antoinette fell to her knees before her, first to study at close quarters the expanse of meaty twat that lay displayed before her, and then to clamp her lips on to it. Her husband then knelt behind her and placed his tool not up her cunt but between her legs, so as first to stimulate the edges of her twat and make her all the keener for the eventual moment of penetration.
“How it was that until that moment I had never thought that two women could take pleasure together I cannot tell. The moment I saw how happy Mother looked, I knew that, although I would take my fun with men when I was older, the body of another woman would be my ideal source of satisfaction.”
Veronique’s recital had thrilled us all, especially Gwen and Hilda, who were openly fingering their twats, and by the time she had come to the end of her story, their thighs were actually glistening with their juices.
I suggested to Billy that he should bugger them again, and asked Veronique if she would like to suck me off. She was delighted, and I went over to her and standing astride her, lowered myself
on to her mouth. But first she wanted to savor my rosebud, and I was only too happy to let her, so I sat rather further forward than I had originally intended, and soon my bum was impaled on her tongue. After a minute of this pleasure, she pulled my buttocks back so as to get at my twat, and soon that too was thrilling to her experienced caresses. By then, I was desperate for a taste of her body too, so I abruptly stood up and assumed the classic position that the French have named 69, which I always call my lucky number! Crouched over her, presenting my buttocks to her face, I clasped her buttocks and pressed my lips hard on to her quim, at which I sucked no less feverishly than does a hungry infant at its mother’s tit. Meantime, she was alternately lapping away at my twat and my rosebud. Only a woman can know just what another woman expects of her tongue, but I know no one, man or woman, who can adequately describe the sensation. There are the tongues that probe stiffly between the outer lips, those that play lightly over every nerve, lips that grasp a clitoris firmly, and teeth that can serve to inflame the passions without causing injury. Veronique’s expertise made me gasp, and I blushed when I realized how puny my efforts must seem to her.
Drawing her knees up, and pressing them against her tits, I made her rosebud more accessible to my mouth, and soon I was exploring the depths of her body that lay within it, first with my tongue, just to lubricate the passage, and then with my forefinger. It seemed an age that we lay there. Veronique alternately sucking at my twat and my anus, while my forefinger drove in and out of her rosebud and my tongue resumed its exploration of her twat.
“It was so kind of you to have me, Aunty.” It was a pretty girl of about sixteen who was speaking to a rather stern-faced but very smartly dressed woman as the pair of them left the railway station. “I hated the idea of going back with Dad to Africa.”
“I was pleased to have you, my dear,” the woman replied, taking hold of the girl’s arm. “When my sister, your mother, died when you were small, I told your father I would be very pleased to look after you at any time. He has always dragged you all over the world with him up to now on his business trips, but he will be away some time now, so he thought it better for you to come and live with me.”
This was the first time Mandy had seen her Aunt Martha for some years. She had always been a bit afraid of the stern aunt, but now Martha seemed kindness itself.
Back in the house Martha treated the girl with all the kindness that she could and when it was time for bed Mandy did not pass any comment when she found she was to share a bed with her aunt, although there were plenty of spare bedrooms in the house.
During the night she was embarrassed by the way her aunt cuddled her and she ran her hands all over her, but she felt a secret thrill from it and did not protest.
After breakfast the next morning Martha told her she was going to take her to see a nice friend of hers.
“You are so pretty, dear, I am sure he will like you. He is so very fond of young, pretty girls like you. I think you will delight him.”
Delight him she did, but he did not delight her. Mandy was dismayed to find her aunt’s friend whom they went to visit was an elderly clergyman. She could not understand her aunt saying he was fond of pretty girls, he was so old, and yet she had read about old men who like young girls and a pang of fear spread through her.
Into a back parlour of the old house where he lived, the Reverend Pastin took his young guest and her aunt. Mandy saw a large crucifix and round the walls hung various religious pictures. Surely she would be quite safe here, and in any case her aunt was staying with her.
The old priest poured some wine and handed them both a glass and sat down beside them on an old sofa. Mandy was in the middle and she was further flustered when Martha reached over her and pulled her skirt a few inches above her knees so that her legs for quite a way above her knees were exposed to the old man’s gaze. He made no pretense about looking at her legs and Mandy felt her face heating and she knew she was blushing.
Her aunt smiled at her and said, “Don’t be embarrassed, my dear, I told you my friend liked young pretty girls and it won’t do any harm to show him your lovely legs, come on now, show him a little more.”
Mandy’s dress was hoisted up a bit more until the tops of her nylon stockings were visible. The old man slipped his arm round her shoulder and began to pet her, she tried to move away, but her aunt, seated on the other side, kept her well within the old man’s reach.
He stroked the girl’s knees pushing his hand up her legs and smoothing his palm over the smooth silkiness of her stockings. Aunt Martha also had her arm round the girl to help keep her still.
“Now don’t be a silly girl, dear,” she said, trying to sooth the frightened girl. “The good priest is not going to hurt you. You mustn’t be a naughty girl and resist him. He loves pretty girls like you. I told you he did. You are old enough now to let a man enjoy you.”
Mandy was astonished. She looked from the lust-reddened face of the old priest to the grinning face of her aunt. She looked in vain for help from Martha when the old man began to cover her neck with kisses.
“Oh Aunt Martha,” she gasped. “Please stop him, he’s kissing me, please Aunt Martha, please.”
Martha only smiled at her and patted her cheek. “No, don’t be a foolish girl, Mandy. Of course he is kissing you. He likes kissing young girls. You are not to be silly now.”
The youngster was held tight in the arms of the aunt and the old priest. She was a strong girl but powerless under the circumstances. The old man already had his hands up under her skirt as far as the smooth, naked flesh of her young thighs. Mandy quickly got her hands down to get hold of his hands and stop any further encroachment on her body, but her aunt gripped her wrists and pulled her hands up and out of the way. To stop the girl struggling, Martha pulled her hands behind her back and held her firmly. Now the old priest could devote both his hands to the obscene task of feeling the child up.
“Please, please,” cried the girl. “Let me go, please, Aunt Martha, let me go! Stop him, please stop him.”
The old man laughed.
“Your good aunt won’t stop me now,” he muttered. “She has brought you here especially to be taught the pleasures of the flesh, my child.”
Mandy began to renew her struggles, at the same time sobbing in frustrated agony.
“Oh, be quiet, child,” her aunt said. “Come on now, open those pretty legs of yours! Open them wider, that’s a bit better. Have a good feel up her, Reverend.”
“Oh, what a lovely bottom she has,” he muttered as his hands roamed right up under her clothing.
“Yes, she is a beautifully built girl,” her aunt replied as she tried to move Mandy over so that she was laying on her, Mandy’s bottom pressing down on Martha’s front. The priest pulled the child’s dress well up now, revealing all her legs and her panties, pretty little brief things with a lacey edge and a pattern on the front panel which stretched taut across the rounded little belly.
He got his fingers hooked in the top of her panties and dragged them down so that her cunt came into view.
“Oh what a heavenly little slit,” he gasped. “What a really beautiful, tight little sheath she has there, to be sure.”
“Like it?” smiled Martha. “Think you’ve got something to make it weep?”
The old man and woman laughed as he pulled open his cassock to reveal his huge prick. “I think I have something here which will do the fitting nicely,” he said as he wagged his thick, erected cock. He got in between the girl’s legs, who looked wide-eyed at his swinging boom of a penis.
“Better let me give her a bit of a rub first,” said Martha. “She will be tight and if she is too dry you will hurt her and your lovely cock as well.”
The old man slowly rubbed his cock while he watched the fingers of Martha’s right hand begin a furious frig of the young, helpless cunny. It took less than five minutes to make the girl give an
orgasm and when the fingers were removed from her cunt her small slit was red and covered with pearly drops of love juice. The lips pouted a bit now instead of being in a trim, pinkish line.
“Good, good,” chortled the reverend gentleman. “Now she is ready for this.”
Mandy watched her aunt reach out and fondle the old man’s penis.
“Look my dear,” she said. “Look what the good priest is going to give you, a lovely red knobbed cock for young girls, and just look at those lovely balls. (She weighed the crinkled testicles bag in her palm.) See how heavy and full they are. Just for you, my dear, aren’t you a lucky girl, eh? Look dear, his cock is all lovely and stiff just for you. You are going to enjoy it, child. Come dear, touch the lovely thing. Hold it. It won’t bite you.”
She released Mandy’s wrists so that the girl might hold the old man’s tool. Mandy slowly put her hand out. It trembled and her aunt held her wrist to guide her fingers to that throbbing length. Mandy was amazed at the heat of the thing and frightened at the stiffness and strength of it.
Martha held the girl tightly round her waist as the old man positioned himself closer between her legs. He pushed her legs open wider so that he was right up between her thighs, his cock close to the gaping lips of her sweet pussy.
With the finger and thumb of his left hand he parted the lips more and guided his rosy cock head to the centre of the opening his fingers prepared — getting his knob hard against the opening he lunged against her with one movement, letting his weight fall on her. The girl murmured and then screamed as his cock slid right up into her.
Her aunt held her fast. The old priest was already rucking away at Mandy’s ruptured cunt with all the speed and force one would use with a fully mature woman. She was a helpless lamb in the clutches of a male and female lecher.
With a great effort the old man slowered the pace of his rooting to a steady, hard inward and outward stroking. Gradually Martha felt the girl relax as her pain subsided. She saw with pleasure the girl slip her arms round the old man’s neck.
She put her face close to Mandy’s ear. “Is that nice darling, lovely, lovely cock isn’t it, is it nice and hot, nice and stiff to fill you dear?”
Her words were cut short by a furious upward heave of the girl’s loins. Mandy began to pant and then gave a squeal of pleasure before sinking back on to her aunt’s lap again. She had had an orgasm and her aunt was very thrilled. Mandy’s cunt was well oiled now with her spendings as she showered her juices down that rearing monster fining her so well.
Mandy lay back, her mouth open, saliva dribbling down her chin. The old man slowed his shagging almost to a halt as he exchanged knowing glances with Martha.
Mandy was almost motionless, her face back near Martha’s face, her breath coming heavily, and Martha bent her face to kiss her mouth.
“Open your legs wider, dear, really wide now. That’s right, wider, fine, a bit wider.”
Her nylon-clad limbs were spread well apart now. The old man eased himself even further up in her crotch. He was trying to get that hot swollen knob up to the very entrance of the youngster’s womb.
“Have you got it there?” asked Martha, and when he nodded, she went on, “Well, give her all your spunk now. Go on you randy old sod, give it to her.”
A few violent thrusts were enough to make him shoot off. Martha saw he was climaxing. She held her mouth close to Mandy’s ear.
“There darling, can you feel the lovely hot gushes? That’s spunk being pumped into your womb, dearest. It’s lovely, isn’t it? That’s what’s called really being fucked properly. Go on, fill her up, spunk all you can in her.”
At last the reverend eased himself back from her young, ravaged body, a thin trickle of greyish spunk oozed down both her thighs as her cunt overflowed from his great outpouring of lust.
Martha carefully douched the child out and washed her before letting her put her panties back on.
“There, darling Mandy, you liked the prick, didn’t you, child?” she said as they left the house and made tracks for Martha’s own house. “You’d like me to find a nice big cock for you every day, wouldn’t you, Mandy?”
Mandy hardly knew what to say. She had enjoyed the sensation of being taken by the old man, but she knew it was wrong and she felt guilty, but she could not deny that she wished she was going to be given the cock again right away.
Her aunt smiled. She could read the girl’s thoughts. She knew all about the aroused lusts in a young girl’s body. Having the knob thrust inside the womb-lips made all the difference. It opened them up better and gave the girl a better thrill — a thrill of really being filled with the wet sticky fluid flushed all round the super-sensitive walls of her womb.
Mandy’s second adventure came almost at once. The very next day a phone call from the reverend gentleman she had been possessed by called her to his vicarage again.
This time she went alone, and was surprised to find that he had another visitor, another priest in fact, as ugly and old as himself.
The two men unashamedly petted and partly undressed the comparatively innocent girl, and it was the newcomer who first got his hand up between her legs. The other reverend had opened her dress at the neck and after slipping the catch of her bra he had buried his face in the soft, sweet charms of her teats.
Both men had opened their cassocks so that their fiercely erected, purple-headed cocks jutted out in the open. Mandy gave soft moans of pleasure as she willingly opened her legs to the lewd caresses of the old priest whom she had never met until that day, and while they petted her, the two old men took turns to kiss her mouth.
There was not the slightest resistance on the part of the sixteen-year-old girl with these two evil old priests, and in fact she took delight in handling both their huge pricks.
“You like playing with men, don’t you, my sweet child,” one of them muttered. “What does it feel like having two stalwart cocks like these, knowing they are both ready to fill you with their luscious, sticky, hot spunk, my dear.”
“She had my prick yesterday, but I think yours is even larger, isn’t it,” the reverend muttered, to his fellow priest. “Bend down and give my friend’s cock a nice suck in your sweet mouth child.”
Mandy bent down and obeyed the obscene request, taking the huge gland in her lips and sucking on it. She found she liked the sexy, salty taste and licked her tongue over the swollen knob. Between her legs her young cunt throbbed with eager anticipation. She was learning very fast the true excitement of the thrills of the flesh.
She felt the priest’s hand on her forehead pushing her face back away from him. “You will make me come if you keep on like that, child,” he muttered. She let go of the thick, throbbing shaft, but the other man was standing there ready for her to take his cock in her mouth. She transferred her mouth to this new cock, and the other man knelt down beside her and bent his face well under her thighs. He parted her slit with his fingers and getting his tongue well up into the crack, he covered her young cunt with his mouth.
Mandy shivered with pleasure and sheer lust and sucked harder at the stiffening cock in her mouth. The priest showed her how to fondle his balls with one hand and to skin back his foreskin with her other so that she gave the maximum amount of pleasure to him.
The man with his mouth over her cunt was sending her mad with pleasurable spasms. Her face was once again pushed back away from a prick. “Let me hear you say you love prick, my child,” he said.
She looked at him while she squirmed her cunt down on that mouth. “Oh yes, Father. You must fuck me. I love prick.”
“And you like being fucked?”
“Yes, yes, I love being fucked. Fuck me again, like you did yesterday. Please Father, fuck me! Fuck me again!”
The two priests smiled and stood up. This pretty, sixteen-year-old girl was a true disciple of the teachings of Satan. They pushed her back on the couch and the priest with whom she had cohabited yesterday skinned back the cock of the other priest as they bent over her.
“This is the lovely cock which is going to have you first today, my dear.”
The moistened condition of the randy little cunt helped the insertion of the fat head and shoulders of the cock which was larger than her previous ravisher. A few wriggles and pushes by an expert at child rape and the cock was well embedded in her cunt. Vigorous thrusts of his strong loins and the girl was being shagged well and truly. This larger cock hurt her, but the pleasure was so intense that she was able to forget the pain of her stretching cunt.
She opened her lovely legs wider and allowed the old priest to wallow in her perfect body to his heart’s content, a pleasure he was able to appreciate to the full.
A groan of rapture came from her lips as that cock, as hard as an iron bar, pressed up to her womb and stretched her with its great bulk even more than she had been opened the previous day.
The other priest stood close to her so she opened his fellow priest’s robe more fully exposing his great, fat, hairy belly. He liked to watch the course, wiry hairs of the priest’s pubes pressing down and compressing the soft dark curls of Mandy’s pubic hair. It was a contrast that thrilled him with ecstasy, and he liked it when Mandy wrapped her free arm round the neck of the priest shagging her, his great cock sinking in her up to his great, swinging, hairy bollocks with every hard thrust of his prick into her opened thighs.
“You were right,” gasped the rooting cleric. “She has a most delightfully slipping pratt. She is holding me like a small hand gripping my knob. There, my sweet one, do you like that, and that, and that… and… that?”
He was rooting the child with hard, long thrusts now. “Oh yes, yes, I love it, I love it,” she gasped out when she could get breath to speak at all. “Oh, it feels so big, long and so wonderfully big, it fills me right up. Oh it’s wonderful, wonderful.”
The sofa creaked under the fierce lunges of the couple as the fuck neared its climax. His cock seemed to be getting even longer and fatter. She felt it right inside her sensitive womb. She had one quick, violent orgasm but was already well on the way to being worked up for a second time when he began to jerk towards his spunking point.
They made her shout out all manner of obscene words like, prick, cunt, balls and bollocks, and the word fuck was shouted in her ear and repeated by her lover until she was jerking up and
down under her violent orgasm mouthing, “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” all the time without stop.
His hot spunk jetted into her inner folds of sticky wetness until she was crying with the sheer ecstasy of it.
Her scream changed to a long shriek as she felt a hot pole had been thrust into her belly. It was in fact the swollen, fat knob of the prick prying open her womb and getting right inside it, an action which although caused her pain also gave the most intense orgasm, making her come more fluid than she had ever done in her young life.
As the dwindling cock withdrew, the other priest fingered her open spunk saturated young cunt, it was all sticky and the lips covered in slimy spendings of her own orgasm and the priest’s spunk, the old fingers frigged among the damp stickiness and massaged her clitoris until she was writhing and moaning again for the gratification of her stimulated lusts.
She lay there with her shapely young legs open wide, waiting for the second ravisher to get between them and give her the feed of cock she so badly wanted.
She did not have long to wait. Almost at once the second cock was being pushed into her welcoming fanny passage.
“You beautiful girl,” gasped the old priest. “You really are made for fucking, made for a good strong prick like we can feed you with.”
Mandy seemed possessed with wanton abandon now. She mouthed all the obscene words she had been taught by the two priests.
Fuck and cock flowed from her sweet lips as if they were the most natural words for a sixteen-year-old girl to use.
Her young cunt was enjoying this second fierce fuck every bit as much as the first. Perhaps she was enjoying it more, for she clung to him as hard as she could, the fervour of her legs and arms about him gave him added pleasure and made his already iron-hard cock even harder.
It is by no means certain that she would have liked to have accommodated more cocks had they been ready even after this second prick spurted its venom into her.
The two priests were most careful with her douching and washing afterwards, each one giving her a good sucking with their mouths when they thought she was nice and clean.
Before letting her leave they both caressed her again and she wished with all her heart that the holy men were going to fuck her again, but it was not to be.
Some weeks later Aunt Martha had another friend come and stay with her. This was a cousin of hers, a big burly brusque man, not as old as the two priests but quite old enough to be Mandy’s father. He made no bones about petting the child, right in front of Martha, but she of course had already told him the coast was clear for his advances.
When the evening came near the end, Rosco was sitting on the sofa with Mandy. He had one hand round her waist and his other hand up under her dress stroking her thigh.
“You going to sleep with me darling,” he muttered, “your aunt won’t object and we can have a nice fuck, can’t we.”
Mandy blushed, she had only met this man a few hours ago and here he was making such suggestions to her already. She did not reply.
He got his hand well up and his fingers slipped under her panties so that he could stroke her slit.
“What a lovely little cunt you have, dear,” he muttered, looking her in the eyes. “Come on to bed with me, and let me fuck it for you.”
She kissed her aunt good night and went with the man into his bedroom.
No sooner had the bedroom door shut than he let his trousers fall to the floor.
Her eyes widened as she saw his huge prick for the first time. He came and stood close to the bed on which she sat. He smiled as he watched her reach up her shaking hands and clasp his throbbing length of gristle.
She knew enough about men to know that they liked having their foreskin pulled right down so that their knob was naked and made to stretch.
She yanked him like that several times, pulling the loose skin taut and then pushing it high above his knob before yanking it down hard again.
“Oh, you lovely child,” he gasped. “Your aunt was right. You are built for fucking. You should never have to sleep alone.”
Mandy let go of his cock so that she might undress. He watched her, enjoying the sight of her young body being bared to his avid gaze. He also noted with pleasure that her eyes never left his fine erection.
When they were both naked the youngster regarded his bulky, hairy body — a man, almost a complete stranger to her. She saw his brawny thighs, covered in thick hair, as was his chest, belly and arms.
He was like an ape, and this fact seemed to fill her with more desire than ever.
She lusted for a sample of his immense cock as she wrapped her white arms about him and covered his gross body with kisses.
He put his hands on her naked shoulders and pushed her down. She knew what he wanted, and she fell to her knees in front of him and, opening her mouth, bent her face to his cock and took as much of the crimson, smooth-skinned swelling into her mouth as she could.
“Oh, you randy little darling girl,” he muttered. “You are mad for it, aren’t you? But you can suck me off, darling all through the night, but first I am going to fill your lovely cunt with this great big cock.”
He pulled her up by slipping his hands under her armpits, and then laying her down on the bed he looked down at her.
“First I am going to suck your pretty cunt and then I am going to fuck it as it has never been fucked before.”
He slid down on the bed with his face hard between her thighs. His head began to bob as he licked her slit with long, ravenous strokes.
This lewd licking and the subsequent violent fuck was witnessed by her aunt from a hidden peephole, and Martha wished that her brother could have been with her to see how well she was teaching his teenage daughter to appreciate the finer things of life.
They moved to a stool which was in the room and Mandy was soon kneeling on the stool facing the man. She opened her legs and allowed him to get a good view of her young fanny when she then took hold of his cock and pulled it towards her until it had sunk right into her cunt.
As he fucked her, he put his arms round her and held her beautiful tits in one hand and rubbed his other hand on her mound.
After a few minutes of fucking her and holding her tits he felt that he was coming and he moved round to her front and stuck his cock right into her mouth and in a very short while he had come his lot.
However, just at that time the mating was brought to its peak, the hot gushes of spunk from his cock brought about her own wild orgasm, and a highly salacious fuck was brought to its end.

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