Case of the Eager Nymphs – Arnold Marmor (Boudoir #1044, 1962)

The title of this Marmor is a take on the Perry Mason books, and the hero is  a lawyer, but he’s nothing like Mason and the title has little to do with the plotline.

Previously reviewed Marmor’s Love Addiction and found out that Marmor used his real name and was a veteran of the crime and SF pulp days of the 1950s, and a good read.

Case of the Eager Nymphs is a good read and reads more like a novella for, say, Mike Shayne’s Mystery Mag than a “sleaze” book.  It’s short, about 25-30,000 words, and moves briskly.  It’s narrated by a lawyer hired by a woman who is supposedly dead from a car crash and buried…the woman wants to find out whose body was substituted for hers, and who tried to have her killed — her ex-husbands (she has four) or her brother, all for wealthy inheritance.

There’s a lot of gum-shoeing around, petty and curious characters, a bit of sex, and some confusion about what’s going on, but it’s still worth a read.

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