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Sex-Movie Queen – Monte Steele (Bedside Book #1251, 1963)

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This little novel has an implausible premise but it is written well enough that you almost believe it.

Paul Nagel is a serious, studious college  student with a needful libido. After a quick encounter with a girl, he goes into a bar to get a drink.  In the men’s bathroom, he reads on the wall: “Eve Sloan–hot stuff, call anytime.”  What the hell, he calls, and a woman’s sultry voice tells him to come on over.

So he does, and she is hot stuff, a former Hollywood starlet down on her luck, she says.  They have a romp and Paul feels dirty but satiated.

He meets a nice girl in the dorms, Julie. She likes him and she’s a virgin and thinks it’s time for her to lose her cheery and gives Paul the honor.  After that it looks like love; Paul is happy to have finally met someone he can feel for, and no longer has any desire to go visit Eve.

Eve doesn’t seem happy, and she informs Paul she will ruin him if he does not do her bidding.  She shows him photos and 8-mm film of their sexual sessions; she tells him these photos will go to his parents and to the school officials, who will surely expel him on moral grounds.

What doe she want?  For him to “act” in stag reel films with porn actresses and other college girls roped into this blackmail game.

Seems like an elaborate way to get out of paying people to “star” in adult films.  Eve tells him the same happened to her — her legitimate acting career was ruined in Hollywood when she got herself caught up in the racket, and now she does the same thing to people — with her hood husband — as revenge and a way to make money.

A quirky story but worth the read, and, as I found with Atomic Blonde, Monte Steele, whoever he was, is a cut above the rest of his contemporary sleazemesiters, in league with Silverberg,  Block, Westlake and Hitt.

Woman Doctor – Sloane Britain (Midwood, 1962)

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Another gorgeous Paul Rader cover. Lynn Munroe has this to say in his Rader/Midwood Checklist:

This cover may not actually make sense (how many psychiatric patients remove their dresses for therapy?), but it is an eyeful nonetheless. The poor dear has twisted herself around so much that both her breasts and bottom are heaving out of her slip, and even the good doctor is flashing a bit of stocking top and thigh.


Marion Zimmer Bradley didn’t think highly of this title, feeling BNritain/Williams had succumbed to the demands of commercial lesbian fiction.

And the book does tend to lean toward a commercial, predictable format, not as personal and riveting as other Britain novels like The Needle and These Curious Pleasures.

Dr. Erika Hathaway is a psychiatrist who crosses the ethical boundaries of her profession in many ways, with patients and co-workers.  She has her private practice and she is on staff at a hospital, working with committed patients who are, well, nuts or manic.  One, Arlene, is a nymphomaniac who seduces both men and woman and whom Erika has the hots for.

She also has the hots for a nurse, Mavia, who has latent lesbian feelings as well…and feelings for Arlene. Erika gets jealous.

One man, Tom, a medical writer, is in an influencing position of power with a foundation that is about to give the psychiatric wing a large grant for research.  He lets Erika know that if she sleeps with him, she will be on the team and benefit from the money and status of the research.  He tries to rape her one night but she hits him with a beer bottle.

Erika also sees her own psychiatrist for her own issues, especially those crossing ethical lines.

Throughout the story, we peer into Erika’s head and the past, with her first lesbian love, whom she lived with. It ended with heartbreak and Erika has been seeking out a woman to experience those feelings again.

An okay read.  Now and then, Britain delivers remarkable one-liners, such as: “The world does not die when the heart does” (p.89).

A B-minus all together.

Recommended: My Naked Adventures by Kim Mitchell

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The Needle – Sloane M. Britain (Beacon, 1959)

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Sloane Britain/Elaine Williams published most of her books with her employer, Midwood, but in 1959 published the novels First Person–Third Sex with Newstand and The Needle with Beacon.

The Needle is unlike her Midwoods — a very dark, passionate story of heroin addiction and taboo sex.

Gina Morgan is a simple Brooklyn girl in her early 20s who still lives with her old world values mom and dad in the working class section and is going to college to have a better future than a housewife or factory worker. Her parents are the type who “image” to their neighbors is important — they never raise their voices s others will hear and gossip, and they like to brag their daughter is at college, unlike most of the girls her age on the block.

Gina is a serious student, a virgin, and naive, until she meets Bob, an intelligent beatnik who woos her with his wild, ardent, and poetic ways.  His mania and depressions are not psychological and she has no idea that he is always high on heroin. When she finds out, she decides to try some herself and she loves the bliss, the escape from reality.

Soon her grades slip and she doesn’t care about college.  Her parents find out she is seeing a man and she tells them she is engaged, but she isn’t, but then she and Bob do get a quick marriage.  Much to her folks’ disamy, Gina moves out to live with her husband, where they do little but get high and lounge around.  To support their habit, Bob starts to sell H, cutting it with barbituates, which leads to the OD of several upper class rich kids, age 15, and the cops start looking for Bob and Gina.

The next thing Gina knows, Bob has turned her into a hooker and she’s turning tricks to support their addiction.  How did this happen?  She doesn’t care about the sex as long as she’s so high she’s somewhere else in her head while men use her body.

She gets hooked ip with Alex, a mob guy and major heroin distributor, in hopes of getting the stuff for free in exchange for sex. But Alex falls for her, and he wants her to go clean.  Bob is arrested and hangs himself in jail while going cold turkey. Alex puts Gina up in a Greenwich Village apartment and slowly weans her off the horse.

But Alex’s striking green-eyed sister, Lois, also falls for Gina. Lois is an Ivy League girl, has been under her brother’s wing since she was 10 and their folks died. She has no idea her brother is a pusher, she thinks he makes his money on Wall Street.

When Alex finds Gina and Lois naked in bed, he joins them, and fucks them both…

Gina goes along with the incest, for a while, until she feels rejected by bother her lovers, this brother and sister, and she heads back to the one thing that will soothe her pain: that white pony.

Like Robert Silverberg’s Don Elliott penned Love Addict, this is a fascinating and literate story of the young female addict, a staple of the dope sub-genre of the sleaze book market.  It may be the best of Britain’s books, next to These Curious Pleasures. The depth of despair and loneliness is heavy in this novel; we really feel and see Gina’s sorry world, a simple girl who falls in love three times and is betrayed and hurt.

An A-minus and a recommended read; however, the book seems to be pricey on the market.

Atomic Blonde – Monte Steele (Playtime Book #639, 1963)

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So my first Monte Steele read wasn’t a bad one — it’s a quick 35,000 word read of tongue-in-cheek tough guy, murder, and lots of sex.

The narrator of Atomic Blonde is Johnny Stone, an insurance fraud investigator in Desert City, Nevada, who happens upon a platinum blonde bombshell with a flat tire and a pink Caddy.  He offers to help fix the flat but she keeps telling him no but, being the ladies man and gentleman he is, with the possibility of getting some blonde pussy, Johnny doesn’t listen to her — and when he opens her trunk to get the jack, he finds the stuff dead body of a man and a diamond head rattlesnake.

The blonde takes off in his car.

Then two thugs try to kill him — they keep trying to kill him throughout the book, which takes place in 48 hours.

In that 48 hours, Johnny has sex with half a dozen women, from maids to whores to the blonde and his own girlfriend, Carol, who has no idea what a pussyhound he is — or does she?  She does get him to marry her in the end.

Atomic Blonde is  mindless entertainment but well-written, you can tell whoever is behind this pen name knows his stuff so I am going to assume it was/is a name writer.  It falls into some genre cliches but now and then are gems of sentences scattered about the prolonged sex scenes and moments of hardboiled violence.

Monte Steele — Who Was He?

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I have been picking up titles here and there by one “Monte Steele,” who mostly published in Neva/Playtime, Gaslight, and Brandon House.  Someone told me he was a good read.  But who the hell was he?  Another obvious pen name.

Monte Steele seems to be a town in Canada.

This website lists Steele’s books:

Edge of Evil, 1962

Golden Goddess, 1962

Jungle of Lust, 1962

Atimic Blonde, 1963

Bachelor Apartment, 1963

Clipjoint Cutie, 1963
Million Dollar Tramp, 1963
Passionate Cheat, 1963
Sex-Movie Queen, 1963
Sucker Bait, 1963
Small Town Chippie, 1964
Campus Chippies, 1964
Love Champ, 1964
Sex Swindler, 1964
Take It Off in Trade, 1964
Unwilling Lover, 1964
Naked Cargo, 1965
Hillbilly Haven, 1966
Beach Bunnies, 1967