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Shame House – Don Elliott aka Robert Silverberg (Midnight Reader #440, 1962)

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We’ve been neglecting Robert Silvberg’s many sleaze titles lately — on his yahoo fan group, Silverberg recently announced that some Don Elliott books would be reprinted; he didn’t say which ones, yet, or the publisher, until things are solid.

Shame House should be a contender for reprinting, and is one of the better Don Elliotts he wrote.  The little novel could have been published in the 1980s and found an audience — it’s about Wall Street, in a way, and stock market speculators and their sex lives.

The narrator is Jack Thorne, a trader who has made his first million by 28.  Having made a $6,000 killing on a shifty speculated trade, he goes to a club to celebrate (even as a millionaire, the daily procurement of money is still a high), looking for a woman to fuck, and crosses paths with beautiful Francine,  who was actually seeking him out, on orders from her “master.”

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Recommeded: The Darling Babysitter by Sandra Boise (Ophelia Press, 2010)

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A strange little novel about a young girl seduced into kinky stuff with the man she babysits for, and then her father finds out…

Get from Amazon in paperback or Kindle.

Whip Hand by W. Franklin Sanders (Gold Medal, 1961)

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For your reading pleasure, the full text…


Bill Brown

MY reinitiation was off to a thundering start. It was my first day back in Traffic after three good years in the Auto Theft Bureau, and the day was not a pleasant one for me. Not pleasant in the smallest detail. My determination to make the best of my comedown and see it through was already running into serious trouble. Shame and disgust were banging brutal, body blows against my determination, and my hot temper was a rotten referee in the clinches.

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The Teeny-Boffer – D. Barry Linder aka Linda DuBreuil (Greenleaf Classics #359, 1968)

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I’ve had this one on the shelf since doing my interview with Earl Kemp for Sin-a-Rama in summer 2004, a strange hot summer where I was going through a transition in my life (breaking up with my live-in girlfriend to be with another woman) and beginning another round of obsession for vintage sleaze.

D. Barry Linder was one of Linda DuBreuil’s many pen names, this one for Greenleaf Classics.  Earl Kemp calls her “the queen of porn” in those days.

She was a real doll…the pornography grandmother…wise beyond her years and younger than springtime. She had curly hair and was rather small and built around a tightly wound, tiny skeleton. She was one of those amorphous types who could be 30 as easily as she could be 60, but was really somewhere in between.

Linda lived in Zapopan, a suburb of Guadalajara that was directly opposite all the way across town from Ajijic, the Guadalajara suburb where I lived. Fortunately there was a long, wide-sweeping bypass highway known as the Periferrico for people who had rather not do all that city driving. In those days in the absolutely free and uninhibited ‘sixties, it was quite a pleasant drive through the countryside just getting to her house.

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The Wayward Teenager – Sterling Hawkins (Dansk Blue/Illicit Library, 1972)

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The wayward girl in this novel outdoes the sexuality of the lass in Orrie Hitt’s Wayward Girl. Mainly because this is a 1972 book where such explicit fiction no longer landed the publisher and writer in jail; and these books were written with a downscale market in mind.

Since Terry Southern’s Candy, the adventures of a newly sexually active girl were rope for plotlines.  In the case of this novel, the heroine of the story is 13-year-old Maxine, a seventh-grader in junior high who feels cursed by her large breasts, the breasts of an 19-year-old.  he books opens with her trying out for the lead part in a school play — the character is 13 and while Maxine is that age, the drama teacher awkwardly tells Maxine that she looks “too mature” for the part. Maxine knows what the teacher means.

Boys and men notice her in public, thinks she’s older, compliment her “rack.”  She feels like a “freak” and wishes she had small breasts like her friend.

One day a man around 25 — ancient, she thinks — talks her into his car on a pretense of finding and address.  He tells her she’s a hot “groovy chick” and talks her into taking some drugs and, drugged, Maxine allows herself to be deflowered in the man’s car.  She fights, some, but is also excited and curious.  It’s a strange experience for her, and she does not know if she liked or hated it.

The next is a 9th grader on a motorbike, and this time it isn’t so bad and she likes it…and so begins her adventures in sex, as she goes from man to boy to men of various ages.  All the time, she confides to her best friend, Trudy, a girl with tiny boobs, who has nothing good to say about men and boys.

Later, near the end, Trudy informs Maxine that she’s been in love with the big-breasted girl all along, and hen Maxine, at her tender age, and after many empty sex encounters, find tenderness and love in the lesbian arms of Trudy…

While no gem, The Wayward Teenager isn’t as bad as some of the crap published in the 1970s.  It is readable, but also serves as a good example of how sleaze lit changed as the court cases and U.S. culture and society’s attitude toward what was obscene in writing changed.

Dank Blue/Illicit Library published a lot of down market titles for the adult bookshops with cheesy b&w illustrated covers, often dealing in “risky” and “taboo” subject matter.  We will be looking at some others in the future.

Wayward Teenager might be hard to find in paperback, or expensive, but The Olympia Press has it available as an ebook and Kindle.

Wayward Girl – Orrie Hitt (Beacon #288, 1960)

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This one is far better than Orrie Hitt’s other juvie novel, The Torrid Teens — both published in 1960 although Wayward Girl was a month or two before Torrid Teens, as tis is Beacon #288 and Teens #294 (we’re talking a month difference here).

The wayward girl is  young Sandy Greening and he white trash nowhere life — she was raped by a neighbor at 14 but liked it, started running with a gang and prostituting at 15, got hooked on heroin (but not too badly) at 16.

Her father is in prison for trying to hold up a gas station and her mother is a lush who runs around with criminals and bad boys.  She in turn runs around with a street gang, is not quite a “deb” but makes herself available for the use of the club house, where she sometimes brings her johns.

She works part time in a deli, where she meets out of town men or dock workers who pay her $5-10, sometimes $20, for a lay.  She believes in giving men what they pay for and sometimes enjoys it.  She wants to work her way up to a high class $100/night call girl and lead a nicer life.

One night an older man offers her $25 and she goes to his hotel room but it’s a police sting and she’s arrested.  She was witness to a murder in a rumble the night before (a rival gang gang-raped one of their debs) but she plays dumb.

She is sent to a special reform school for first offenders, much better she is told than most reform institutes for young women, and far better than prison.  There, she goes cold turkey off the heroin and it’s a hellish two weeks before she kicks it.

Some of the other girls are pregnant, in for drugs or hooking, and half seem to be lesbians or dabbling in the third sex for lack of men.  She vows never to go that route but she is blackmailed into lesbiana by one of the house-mothers, who holds her future well-being in lock.  Still, Sandy finds she enjoys the forced kisisngs and lickings of another woman — “Sandy had never dreamed of the completeness of this kind of love” (p. 92).

She is given a weekend pass to stay with a family in town, only to find that the man of the house — a fat slob of a guy — expects sex from her, or else he will tell the house-mother to give her a bad report and have her sent to regular jail.  He is paying the house-mother $25 for every girl she sends for him to have sex with.  Sandy sees it ironic that she was convicted for prostitution only to be pimped out by the state employees who are supposed to be “reforming” her as a good citizen of society.

The slob’s son, 19, however, falls in love with Sandy and wants to marry her, but she can’t see how he can feel that way for a girl like her, especially if he ever found out she was sleeping with his father.

When Sandy is released, she goes back to work at the diner where men are expecting her to return to doing $5-10 tricks, and where her gang mates expect her to return to the Life of rumbling and shooting heroin.

Sometimes at tad preachy and moral, this is still an excellent read, even with the sappy happy ending.  Hitt seems to be writing a book made-to-order for Beacon, as the storyline is similar to others, but here he does an excellent job.

On the Hitt Scale, a 9.2.

My Sister, My Sin – Terence Fitzbancroft (Ophelia Press, 1968)

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A classic title from Maurice Girodas’ American version of The Olympia Press, the Ophelia imprint which tended to offer more down market erotica.

Who was Terence Fitzbancroft?  Unknown.  He only write two books for Ophelia, the other being The Shape of Desire. However, it seems the new Olympia Press, while reprinting the two Fitzbandcrofts in ebook and POD formats, have issued some “lost” books by the guy, listed hereThe Sex Machine Peddlers, Sin Tape, and Naked Neighbors.

Yes, the title tells it all — this is an incest tale about two siblings in their teens, told from the POV of the brother, “Terry.”  The sex is graphic, being a 1968 publication, and certainly perverted, being incest, but the prose is rather smooth and literate, unlike other Ophelia titles of the time that I have picked up.

Terry and Sandy have been shuffled from one boarding school to one camp and another as the marriage of their parents falls apart; now that the divorce is happening, they spend the summer with their grandmother on their mother’s side until the divorce details and custody is figured out.  The novel opens:

One morning in the summer of my fourteenth year I woke up with a much stiffer and thicker erection than any my young loins had ever before sustained. (p.1)

This is a dysfunctional family beyond brother and sister — their parents fight a lot and the father is a drunk.  Terry confesses to Sandy, his sister, about something strange that happened a few years earlier: their father came into his room, very drunk, and spanked young Terry for some unknown crime; this act caused Terry to have an erection — he liked the spanking — and when the father noticed this, he sucked his son off.

In many ways, this reminded me of George Baitaille’s Story of the Eye — two young people exploring extreme sexuality, going further as they get bored with each new step.  Terry and Sandy try out S/M, pain, anal sex, whatever happens to tickle their fancies and fantasies.

She was obviously enjoying it as much as I was.  She was half-naked, having put on a pair of short-shorts, but still topless so that her breasts jiggled and bounced as she beat me.

“Can’t you hit any harder than that?” I said.

She complied. “You must be some kind of masochist.” she said.

“What a masochist?”

“That’s a guy who gets a hard-on when people kick him around, especially girl people.” (p. 74-5)


She squealed and struggled, trying to wiggle free, but I held her down easily and proceeded to suck and bite her breasts savagely. The harder I bit her nipples, the harder and hotter they became […] A Large, blood-sucked bruise surrounded her left nipple; above and below the bruise were distinct teeth marks.

“You must be a sadist,” she said.

“What’s that?”

“A guy who gets a hard-on trying to bite off girls’ nipples.” (p. 76)

But such love is bound to head for disaster…Terry is possessive of his sister, so jealous that he wants to beat up the boy who took her virginity a year ago.  When Terry has a quick fuck with 16 year old Kitty, Sandy flips her lid…

And then their mother catches them in the act, and all hell breaks loose.  Sandy is sent away, and then Terry’s alcoholic mother starts looking at Terry differently, and thus the Oedipal happens.

An original 1968 Ophelia might be hard to find, but the new Olympia Press has reprinted it in ebook and POD format, and it’s also up at Google Books.

Definitely worth reading.