Re-Issue Campus Tramp by Lawrence Block

Creeping Hemlock Press will reprint Block’s first Andrew Shaw title, Campus Tramp (Nightstand Book #1505)which first introduces the fictional Clifton College in Ohio (Antioch Univ., in Ohio, where Block went to school). It was the fifth book William Hamling and Harlan Ellison published at Greenleaf.

Some characters in this one appear or are referred to in other Shaws later on, as does the Clifton setting (which pops in in some Sheldon Lords, like Older Woman and April North). We wonder if Creeping Hemlock will also re-issue these in series?

The small collector’s edition publisher is offering pre-sales of the paperback until August 1 and seems like a good deal, which will have the original cover art.  An edition with new art is coming.  They use the 1960 version, not the 1973 Reed Nightstand version, that has updated looking people:

There has been a flurry of vintage reprints — Subterranean Press did Cinderella Sims and will put out the Sheldon Lord/Alan Marshall collaborations, as well as some Don Elliotts from Silverberg. Black Mask has re-issued some Orrie Hitts.  Stark House has been busy with many, from Harry Whittington to Gil Brewer. Hard Case Crime has reprinted a couple of Block’s Beacon Sheldon Lords.

But are they the same as the real, cheaply produced little paperbacks? Certainly, many are cheaper.

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4 Responses to “Re-Issue Campus Tramp by Lawrence Block”

  1. I’m stoked about the ‘new’ interest in pulp, sleaze, and trash novels.

    But what I’m super-stoked about is finding this particular rape-sploitation book (the bad guy is a rapist – raped a cop – and now a newly minted rape crime squad is on his trail after escaping from prison) in the dollar bin, titled KILLER AT LARGE by DAN BANNON – under the Pinnacle imprint/ Lyle Kenyon Engels copyright.

    If ANYONE can point me to the real name of Dan Obannon – and his other books – I’d be forever greatful – his writing is just too awesome.

  2. Thanks for covering this.

    We’re planning to follow CAMPUS TRAMP with APRIL NORTH. And though we have no further plans for other Block titles at this moment, I wouldn’t rule them out. If TRAMP and NORTH do well, there will definitely be more…

    • vintagesleazepaperbacks Says:

      THE SADIST and PASSION MADMAN, both featuring hitman Jack Garth, are ripe for reprinting, maybe as a double feature.

  3. vintagesleazepaperbacks Says:

    We just got Killer at Large in the mail, for $1.

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