Dirty Harry & Paperback Parade #75

Paperback Parade #75 is out and contains an article by Pete Enfantino about the Dirty Harry series of PBOs that Warner Books issued in the 1980s, penned by “Dane Hartman” (at least two writers, maybe more).

Well, I had no idea, beyond the film tie-in novels.  Being a Dirty Harry fan since I was a kid, I have to get these books, and will talk about them here when I read them…

This issue of PP also has my essay, “A Sleaze Investigation,” about the David Challon/Loren Beauchamp/Andrew Shaw/S.N. Burton thing with the same college sex club novels I talked about some months back…

Also in PP, editor Gary Lovisi gives The Trouble with Tramps a nice little review:

The Trouble with Tramps…is a hell of a fine novel. It is a neatly plotted noir in the Hitt and vintage paperback tradition. This was a blast for me to read and one I know you’ll be unable to put down. This slim 134-page paperback packs more wallop than most of the big bestseller guys writing those overly big fat books today.”

2 Responses to “Dirty Harry & Paperback Parade #75”

  1. Nice! Read the Hitt Homage excerpt on Amazon and ordered it today…looking forward to reading the whole book! Wondering when the monograph Beyond Science Fiction, Toward Psychoanalysis is due out?

  2. vintagesleazepaperbacks Says:

    Still at work on the Malzberg, been busy here…

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