The Sin Drifter by Alan Marshall aka Donald E. Westlake (Bedside Book #1218, 1962)

So while Westlake was writing and publishing 361 for Random House, he was also doing The Sin Drifter for William Hamling after Hamling bought out Bedtime/Bedside Books.

This one is more along the funny Westlake side.  It opens with 18 year old Mike trying to fuck his fiance, Janice…he has her naked in the backseat but she won’t let him stick it in until they’re married.  This is driving him nits so he takes her, rapes her. She says she will tell her daddy and the cops. He believes her, so he high tails it out of town, joining a door-to-door crew of publicity men for a snack foods company, giving people coupons for half off, two for one, etc.

Going to strange doors in various cities across the country leads to some hilarious and strange sexual encounters, from a nynpho housewife that does a gang bang with the whole crew to a bored rich girl who plays suicide games to a couple of sisters in L.A who lure him into making a stag film.

A coming of age story, and Mike is like Odysseus as he has his adventures and then returns home, wise and weary…

A fun read, a must for Westlake fans.

One Response to “The Sin Drifter by Alan Marshall aka Donald E. Westlake (Bedside Book #1218, 1962)”

  1. Motor-Psycho Says:

    Nice. I’d like to read more Westlake sleaze.

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