Les Floozies by Loren Beauchamp aka ??? (Ron-San Corp/PAD Library #504, 1965)

This is the last of the Loren Beauchamp books. On reading the first chapter, I wasn’t sure if this was actually penned by Silverberg, as the writing is choppy and dialogue pretty bad.  But Les Floozies is listed in the bibliography on the Quasi-Official Robert Silverberg website.

Some other chapters do have that Silverberg feel, and others do not. Erratic. Was this one co-written with another writer, perhaps?  Or badly edited.  There are only eleven chapters, instead of Silverberg’s usual 12-14 for his softcores, and Chapter Ten is only four pages and feels cut.  In fact, the ending seems rushed, the typesetting uneven with large spaces between paragraphs in some chapters and tight typesetting in others — sloppy methods of getting a book to a certain page count, 192 here, but this looks more like 40,000 words of text instead of the typical 50K.

But wait — when I sent a link of an earlier version of this post to the Rbt Silverberg Yahoo Fan Page, Mr. Silverberg replied, “I didn’t write this book. I know nothing about it. It doesn’t belong in any bibliography of my work.”

So seems the publisher decided to use the pen name.  These pen names were not trademarks, after all.

The Beauchamp pen name was generally for Midwood, with one for Boudoir, The Wife Traders, although that was a truncated version of Suburban Sin Club by David Challon.

Ron-San Corp/PAD Library in Arizona was an off-shoot from Greenleaf/Cornith, created by former employees of William Hamling’s.  Did they buy this manuscript off Greenleaf or Silverberg and then butchered it?  It seems so.

The bad opening chapter reveals a guy, Romero, driving a hot rod with two girls fighting for his loving attention:  Linda Lou and Chastity. It’s hard to figure out what’s going on and why these people are together, other than they are a threesome of some sort.

Then we jump back in time and learn that Linda Lou is  a backwoods hussy from the south who runs away from home with a trucker, who lets her off in some Ohio town with brothels for her to work in.

Chastity is a society debutante from a family going back to the Mayflower; but when she gets pregnant and an abortion is needed, her wealthy uptight parents disown her.  She winds up getting a ride with the same trucker, but she goes to work in an upscale cal girl service in Manhattan to make ends meet.

Romero is 20, kinda dumb, but wants to be a pimp.  He learns the sex trade by working in a brothel and later running girls on the convention circuit for $100 a toss rather than $15 tricks in the whorehouse or $25 with call girl services.  Eventually, Linda Lou and Chastity go to work for him and both fall in love with him and fight for his approval and touch, each having their own nights with him if they are not with a john.

It’s not convincing, and Romero is so dull we wonder why the hell any woman, let alone a floozy, would fall so hard for him.

Unfortunately, this is the weakest of all the Beauchamps or any Silverberg softcore pen name, seemingly a victim of bad editing and slicing and adding.

The cover art, however, is excellent, and the book itself is quite rare and hard to locate and pricey if a copy is found.  We paid some bucks just to complete the Loren Beauchamp collection here at The Vintage Sleaze Paperbacks Library.

One Response to “Les Floozies by Loren Beauchamp aka ??? (Ron-San Corp/PAD Library #504, 1965)”

  1. welshgriffin Says:

    You mean, there’s a mistake on the Quasi-Official website? Imagine that.

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