Recommended: Sand’s Game by Ennis Willie (Ramble House, 2010)

Over the years there has been talk of this publisher or that reissuing the Ennis Willie books. We figured Stark House would step up to the plate, and maybe they still will, but Ramble House has just released this fine ditty, with two Sand novels (or “Shockers,”  which always tended be be short, about 25-30K words), a handful of stories, an interview with the author, and commentary from Max Alan Collins, Waynde Dundee, James Reasoner, Bill Pronzini, et al., about an author who influenced many and was published almost in a void by Merit Books (Camerarts).

One Response to “Recommended: Sand’s Game by Ennis Willie (Ramble House, 2010)”

  1. […] dumb title for this short novel, which is why Ennie has re-titled it Death in a Dead Place for the recent omnibus from Ramble House, Sand’s Game. It opens with Sand catching a bullet from a Syndicate snuper […]

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