Honey Baby as told to Rex Nevins (Fabian Books, Z-161, 1964)s

Fabian titles always have a way of surprising. In this case, Honey Baby, as “told to” Rex Nevins (whoever that was) is the narrative of seventeen-year-old sultry white trash tramp Honey Baby Ashley and how she came to inherit quite a bit of her fatther-in0-law’s land in the Imperial Valley of California, bordering the Salton Sea.  She sells it for nearly a million dollars to a group of real estate developers — this is the early 1960s, when a bunch of investors thought the Salton Sea could be the new oasis for the rich, a cross between Vegas and Palm Springs.  Anyone who has ever been out to Salton City has seen that much of this development was abandoned before being finished, the Salton Sea contaminated…William Vollmann’s recent tome, Imperial, talks much about the Salton Sea of the past and present.

So how the hell does the Salton Sea become the background of this softcore sleaze novel?(Forget the horrible Val Kilmer movie The Salton Sea, which is crap.) Who knows. Honey Baby ain’t no great lost piece of literature, but it’s not all that crappy either.

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