Tramp Wife by Orrie Hitt (Chariot Books, 1960)

This one is basically a re-telling of Hitt’s first novel, I’ll Call Every Monday.  It’s first person, about an insurance guy who gets involved with a married woman whose husband (not older this time) is in the nudie photo racket, and the woman, Sheba, wants to pull an insurance scam and murder.  The narrator jumbles two other women, as all Hitt heroes do, and there are some illegal shnanegins going on within the office and insurance salesman cons.

Had I not read Hitt’s first book, I would have gotten into Tramp Wife more. Despite the horribly tiny type, it’s a solemn, well-paced book, and as usual, Hitt’s deatils of how insurance companies worked back then are fascinating.  Being a rewrite, it is predictable.

One Response to “Tramp Wife by Orrie Hitt (Chariot Books, 1960)”

  1. To a very young boy Orrie Hitt’s Ex-Virgin was heaven. Sigh!

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