Pool Side Pushover by Adam Snavely (Kozy Books, 1961)

The other Adam Snavely’s we read last year were a mixture of good and blah. Wine, Women and Love and Love Drive were published by Kozy Books, like this one

Pool Side Pushover opens like great comic slapstick.  A young piano moves into an apartment building and is greeted by his new neighbors, most who are sexy single girls who make it known they are interested in some action then or later.  He just wants to move into his new pad quietly and play his piano alone, but the women and men,, too, keep coming. The mailman informs him that the complex is one big swinger scene with a plethora of wild loose women, woman the mailman has had sex with.

The following chapters, and the whole book, do not live up to promise of this openin; it suffers from jumping around too many characters and all their sexual trysts. Then again, as a newstand one hand book, perhaps this sort of  plotless hodgepodge of sex scenes worked.

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