Torrid Wenches – Arnold Marmor (Merit Books, 1960)

Another swift and nifty crime tale from Arnold Marmor with the typical Camerarts/Merit title and cover.

Karl is a real estate developer come into New York City over the death of his brother, a freelance investigative journalist. It was made to look like his brother committed suicide but Karl knew his brother well, and he was not the suicida; type.  Karl goes on his own investiagtion, racking up a list of possible suspects: the shady lawyer who stole ten grand from his brother’s estate; his brother’s floozy lover/call girl, Lola Knight; a magazine editor; a rich party throewe who makes his money from blackmail; and his brother’s jilted ex-girlfriend, Janice, a TV actress who soon becomes Karl’s lover…

Th wrap-up is a bit implausible, but reading Marmor’s prose is fun: fast and witty, a lot of snappy dialogue and wise-cracking a la Chandler or Robert Parker’s Spencer.

2 Responses to “Torrid Wenches – Arnold Marmor (Merit Books, 1960)”

  1. Hahaha. I really dig that title.

    /sure the original b/w photo is better than this.

  2. Florence Marmor Says:

    I was quite surprised to find this here. My husband, if he were alive, would have gotten quite a kick out of it. So many years have gone by since he wrote this. Do you have it for sale? I would love to have another copy for my grandson.

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