Boudoir Treachery – Arnold Marmor (Merit Books, 1960)

I sat down to enjoy another Marmor crime novel and from the first page, I thought, Why does this sound so familiar? Well, because Boudoir Treachery is the same novel as Torrid Wenches…or, it seems, Torrid Wenches is a re-titled reprint of Boudoir Treachery.  Although both books have 1960 copyright dates, Boudoir has a cover price of 35 cents and Torrid is 60 cents…so Torrid probably came out in 1963-4.

Camerarts was notorious for doing this with their Novel and Merit lines, re-issuing books 2, 3, sometimes 4 times with new titles, often only a year apart. Orrie Hitt hated this, because he knew his fans were buying what they thought was a new book from him, only to get a book published a year or two beforehand.

I think I only paid $7 for this one, so no big deal. The cover fits the storyline better than Torrid, although the latter is more enticing.

One Response to “Boudoir Treachery – Arnold Marmor (Merit Books, 1960)”

  1. Florence Marmor Says:

    I will answer for my husband since he is deceased. We found this, too. Several of my husband’s books that had originally been sold to Merit turned up under different author’s names, too. My husband would look at other author’s books and would frequently find his own reprinted under someone else’s name and seemingly by anohter publisher. Of course, the writer NEVER received credit or money. They had contracts which gave them outright control over the books. They would not buy them without this. We tried to track down some fo these seemingly new publishers but never succeeded. We did find the books reprinted, too. Again, there was no credit or money to the writier. My husband hated this, too.

    Florence Marmor

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