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An Orrie Hitt Homage — The Trouble with Tramps

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The Orrie Hitt homage, a pastiche called The Trouble with Tramps, has been released by Black Mask Books and can be ordered from them or from Amazon.

Copy: Orrie Hitt was known as the Shakespeare of Sleaze, the Noir Poet of Vintage Softcore, during his salad days from 1957-1964. Then he slowly faded away, like many old paperback hacks did, but he was hardly forgotten. He influenced and warped the minds of many, back then and today, creating a cult following among vintage book collectors and fans. In this pastiche of Orrie Hitt, Michael Hemmingson pays homage to the vintage paperback heyday with a compulsively fascinating novel that walks in the used, old boots of the Shakespeare of Sleaze. . . Jack Card is a hard-working nowhere man who dreams of a better life. Whether he’s laying pipe, tending bar, or laying willing wanton women, he spends his free time writing short stories for the pulp magazines, proving he’s more than some hard-drinking, blue collar lug. Set in 1957 in a small American town, Jack juggles the favors of three women: Kay, his lush wife who cannot keep faithful; Lucy, his teenage hillbilly girlfriend who is now carrying his child in her belly; and Eve, the rich woman who promises him another life if he helps her murder the husband she hates. The Trouble with Tramps explores many of Orrie Hitt’s pet themes and obsessions: younger women marrying rich older men, peeping toms, backwoods swamp girls, alcoholism, jealousy and bad wives. We dare you to open at any page and see if you can’t put this exciting new novel down!

Shabby Town by Michael Hemmingson (Black Mask Books, 2010)

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Black Mask has put out my vintage-influenced short novel, Shabby Town, that is set in the 1970s and is an homage (some may call it pastiche) of Raymond Carver — if Carver had ever written a novel (I include hints to Carver’s fragment for a novel called Augustine)

You can order it here.

Next: Black Mask will issue my homage/pastiche of Orrie Hitt, The Trouble with Tramps.  Here is the photo on the cover:

Carter Brown Books!

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Have seen three Carter Brown sleazy detective/crime novels about strippers, porn actresses, and campus hellion/college hellcats. ¬†Desn’t seem to be the Carter Brown, but a Carter Brown, Jr.

The Case of the Sexy Sinful Co-ed

The Sins of Kelly Greene

The Case of the Kidnapped Porn Starlet

Brown - Co-ed

Brown - Sins of Kelly Greene

Brown - Porn Starlet