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Carter Brown Books!

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Have seen three Carter Brown sleazy detective/crime novels about strippers, porn actresses, and campus hellion/college hellcats. ┬áDesn’t seem to be the Carter Brown, but a Carter Brown, Jr.

The Case of the Sexy Sinful Co-ed

The Sins of Kelly Greene

The Case of the Kidnapped Porn Starlet

Brown - Co-ed

Brown - Sins of Kelly Greene

Brown - Porn Starlet

College Campus Sleaze

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With collegeand high school ┬ástarting up soon, I have made a pile of college-and high school-oriented vitage sleaze to read soon….

Challon - Campus Lobve

Beauchamp - Campus Sex Club

Elliott - Instructor

Dexter - Sin Students

Ellis - Campus Jungle

Ellis - Campus KittensEllis - Campus Party

Ellis -- Hellion

Lust Campus

Midwood - Campus Queen

Rader - High School Rebel

Rader - Teacher's  PetShaw - Camopus Tramp

Sin Prof

Shaw - College for Sinners

Shaw - High School Sex Club

Shaw - Call Girl ShcoolShaw - harlot SchoolCool Co-edsGirls Dorm