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The Disciplined Daughter by Kipp Cameron (Dansk Blue #BB-179, 1972)

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The ebook version of this novel is available for a cheap download here.

Jodie Hamilton is a 17-year-old Beverly Hills high school student who has a bad night at the prom — Tony the Latino lover tried to rape her, ripped her dress, chewed on her nipples, but she gets away…and she has to walk home, so she gets in late.

Her father has been waiting up for her.  Seeing her ripped dress and the teeth marks on her nipples, he assumes she’s been whoring around “with that Mexican” rather than listening to her story of being sexually assaulted; he proceeds to whip her breasts with his belt, creating welts that erase the teeth marks, and then giving her bottom a good beating. When she asks her Daddy why he’s doing this, he says, “Because you’re an icon to me, of what a pure and clean girl should be.”  He then checks her between the legs to make sure she’s still “cherry.”

Poor Jodie has been victimized twice in one day. She calls Uncle Dick, her hippy uncle in Hollywood, to tell him about it. He says, “Get over here now.”  Jodie has held secret sexual longings for her outcast uncle since she was a little girl, having fantasies that he would molest her.  The Beverly Hills Hamiltons have written him off as a nutcase who spews poetry and wears his hair long and smokes reefer madness…

So she goes to live with the appropriately named Uncle Dick and soon has many incestuous and adventurous sexual experiences, opening her up to a whole new world of free love…quite similar to Terry Southern’s Candy, who runs away from home because of an abusive father and has a series of coming-of-age sexual adventures.

But Candy was satire, a bite at 1960s conformity and mores. The Disciplined Daughter is just crass 1970s smut. There are some insightful passages here and there, but for the most part it’s junk. And yet entertaining junk nonetheless.

The funniest part is, like many of these books, has a faux medical and social redeemed foreword — this was to keep the obscenity lawsuits away, to declare that the lurid story has a moral, psychological, and social value to it.

The Wayward Teenager – Sterling Hawkins (Dansk Blue/Illicit Library, 1972)

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The wayward girl in this novel outdoes the sexuality of the lass in Orrie Hitt’s Wayward Girl. Mainly because this is a 1972 book where such explicit fiction no longer landed the publisher and writer in jail; and these books were written with a downscale market in mind.

Since Terry Southern’s Candy, the adventures of a newly sexually active girl were rope for plotlines.  In the case of this novel, the heroine of the story is 13-year-old Maxine, a seventh-grader in junior high who feels cursed by her large breasts, the breasts of an 19-year-old.  he books opens with her trying out for the lead part in a school play — the character is 13 and while Maxine is that age, the drama teacher awkwardly tells Maxine that she looks “too mature” for the part. Maxine knows what the teacher means.

Boys and men notice her in public, thinks she’s older, compliment her “rack.”  She feels like a “freak” and wishes she had small breasts like her friend.

One day a man around 25 — ancient, she thinks — talks her into his car on a pretense of finding and address.  He tells her she’s a hot “groovy chick” and talks her into taking some drugs and, drugged, Maxine allows herself to be deflowered in the man’s car.  She fights, some, but is also excited and curious.  It’s a strange experience for her, and she does not know if she liked or hated it.

The next is a 9th grader on a motorbike, and this time it isn’t so bad and she likes it…and so begins her adventures in sex, as she goes from man to boy to men of various ages.  All the time, she confides to her best friend, Trudy, a girl with tiny boobs, who has nothing good to say about men and boys.

Later, near the end, Trudy informs Maxine that she’s been in love with the big-breasted girl all along, and hen Maxine, at her tender age, and after many empty sex encounters, find tenderness and love in the lesbian arms of Trudy…

While no gem, The Wayward Teenager isn’t as bad as some of the crap published in the 1970s.  It is readable, but also serves as a good example of how sleaze lit changed as the court cases and U.S. culture and society’s attitude toward what was obscene in writing changed.

Dank Blue/Illicit Library published a lot of down market titles for the adult bookshops with cheesy b&w illustrated covers, often dealing in “risky” and “taboo” subject matter.  We will be looking at some others in the future.

Wayward Teenager might be hard to find in paperback, or expensive, but The Olympia Press has it available as an ebook and Kindle.