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Recommended: Abnormal Norma: Confessions of a Postmodern Slattern by Valerie Gray (Ophelia Press, 2010)

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Not to be confused with Orrie Hitt’s Abnormal Norma.

What if A Clockwork Orange had been written by a crazy gang girl instead of a boy?  This is the book.

It’s dedicated to Kathy Acker, and the influence shows.  Seems Gray was once a student of Acker’s at UCSD.

Get the paperback at Amazon or as Kindle.

Regular ebook from the publisher.

Recommended: My Naked Adventures by Kim Mitchell

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Order here.

Dr. Garth Mundinger-Klow’s So Lovely the Feet

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Olympia Press has released in ebook format Dr. Garth Mundiger-Klow’s latest work of qualitative case studies in human sexual research, So Lovely the Feet: Case Histories of a Footloose Fetish.

Or Kindle.

The Sex-Machine Peddlers by Terence Fitzbancroft

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Olympia Press has published an apparent “lost” novella by Terence Fitzbancroft, The Sex-Machine Peddlers.  Fitzbancroft is somebody’s pen name, not sure who, who had a couple Oympia Press Ophelia titles in the 1970s:  My Sister, My Sin and The Shape of Desire.

Olympia - Sister Sin

Fitzbancroft tackles some interetsing themes — incest, over-sexed secretaries, and people who get into dildo and Sybian consumer trade.