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Desperate Women by Michael Hemmingson (Olympia Press/New Traveller’s Companion #160, 2010)

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Seven sinful, shameful stories of haunting, sensual and romantic desperation–one woman will do anything to keep winning in Las Vegas; another woman will do anything to keep her married lover while another woman desperately uses her body to blackmail men, until her own lustful greed backfires on her. Two young women turn to much older men for education and salvation while a desperate and lonely housewife falls in love with a man she only knows through email.

A story from the collection, “I Paid the Whore,” is online this week at Beat to a Pulp.

Recommended: Abnormal Norma: Confessions of a Postmodern Slattern by Valerie Gray (Ophelia Press, 2010)

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Not to be confused with Orrie Hitt’s Abnormal Norma.

What if A Clockwork Orange had been written by a crazy gang girl instead of a boy?  This is the book.

It’s dedicated to Kathy Acker, and the influence shows.  Seems Gray was once a student of Acker’s at UCSD.

Get the paperback at Amazon or as Kindle.

Regular ebook from the publisher.

Recommended: My Naked Adventures by Kim Mitchell

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Order here.