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The World Inside – Robert Silverberg (Doubleday, 1971/Signet, 1972)

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I’m taking a look at Silverberg’s A World Inside on this blog as a post-Don Elliott work, and a work with sexuality as a strong theme.

Some critics call this a short collection, and the seven chapters appeared as stand-alone stories in Galaxy Magazine and Harry Harrison’s Nova 1.  The same characters pop up in various chapters, and each main character per chapter/story has his/her own crises of social docorum.

A work from SF’s “New Wave,” The World Inside is also sociological science-fiction — it deals with possibilities of how human beings will live together in the future, create new laws and mores, symbolic interaction, new forms of religions (based on old forms), and theories of urban living.  In fact, the first chapter, a “sciocomputator” from Venus comes to earth to study human interaction and social customs in the “urbmons” — or urban monads, 1000 story-high buildings, vertical cities that can house up to 800,000 people each.  The “vertical theory” is that population expansion is not an issue if people live in dwellings going up, rather than taking space on land, land which can then be used for agricultural purposes to feed the 60 billion people on earth.  The urbmons make the World Trade Center look like an ant hill…

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