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Recommended: Motel Girl by A.E. Oliver (Olympia Press)_

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Olympia Press has published, as an e-book, Motel Girl by A.E. Oliver (aka Valerie Grey). Dig that cover, kids.

Also at Mobipocket.

In this quartet of sordid and lusty stories, men and women and women and women come together in cheap motel rooms for tawdry sex and cheap thrills. They are the people you see all around you–teachers, cheerleaders, office drones–who put on a clean pubic face, but when behind closed doors in a $39/night room, they enter the twilight of forbidden pleasures and filthy desires.

AIMEE & CHLOE by Valerie Grey (Olympia Press)

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Olympia Press just reprinted as an e-book a collection of two novellas, Aimee and Chloe: Two Sordid Stories of Sin and Incest by Valerie Grey.

Also out in paperback here.

Where have I read the first one, “Aimee and Her Father,” before?  It seems vintage but may be imitating the style, set in the 1920s, about a consensual affair between a young female writer and her father — sounds like the same set-up in Anais Nin’s memoir, Incest.  The sex is pretty graphic, even with a dash of beastiality.

“Chloe” is set in the 1960s with incest as an experiemnt in free love. A strange tale with the father becoming a Christian and wanting to stop the affair but the daughter doesn’t want to stop, and they have a child together (no webbed feet).

Taboo topics done with grace and poetry. Incest was not really handled in bright lghts in the softcores until the 70s, when things got hardcore, even the covers were explict, as seen below.

One publisher, Suree House, from ex-Greeleaf employees and located in El Cajon, Calfornia, specalized in incest fiction, even with pedophilia.  These were mafia-connected companies; the mob seemed to think there was a market for this smut, and indeed there was.

Today, incest is only “a hot seller” in memoirs, like that Kathryn Harris autobiography a few years back.  Incest is always a topic for grand literature — from the Bible yo Joyce Carol Oates to seedy private eye yarns.

In some lesbian novels, incest (like rape) is often an impetus for the character to turn to women for the third theme of love.

Daughter DamnedShe Did It For Dad! by Vicki Keyes
Surree - Incest Motel

Surree - Kneeling to Daddy

Surree - Doing it Like DaddySurree - Aunt Eater

Bad Wife by Valerie Grey (Olympia Press)

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Rader Girl 2

Olympia Press has published an erotic novella called Bad Wife by Valerie Grey, sporting a nifty re-processed Paul Rader illo above.

Valerie Grey is a pen name, I think.  She wrote Rocket Girl (Blue Moon Books) which is a lesbian stripper murder mystery,  and Montana Heat (Pocket), some kind of romance.

RGBook cver says she lives in San Diego and there is a Valerie Grey on faebook in San Diego, have no idea if they are the same: