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The Schemers (Beacon Signal, 1963)

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Although The Babysitter was a pretty good book, these other Vin Fields novels have fallen short on keping the pages turning.

The Schemers is about an a PR guy after the fast buck so that he and his female partner, also his lover, can have enough money to run away and live the life they ream of, the easy street, with cash to spend…and he wants this so he can leave his wife and kid because family domesticy is not his bag of tea.

The plot is confusing andyou do not care what happens to these people…and for a sex books, there is little to entice…a dud.

The Baby-Sitter by Vin Fields (Midwood #F342, 1964)

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Another ultra sexy Paul Rader cover!

Vin Fields was a pen name used by Irving A. Greenfield, for a handful of Midwoods and Beacons.  Greenfield wrote men’s action and military paperbacks for Zebra, Manor, Signet, Dell, etc.

The Baby-Sitter is an engaging, well-written short novel (about 40K words) about a Madison Avenue ad man, Cliff Morton, who has a lot of troubles and problems: his wife has gone frigid and she knows about his tom-catting around; he’s about to lose some accounts and a large one is uncertain; the boss has moral issues with his providing call girls to potential clients; and he has started to have a thing for his jailbait baby-sitter, Charna,  a little sex kitten that could be the end of him.

Charna is in the background of the novel until the end really; much of the story deals with Cliff’s jumbling business around, and sleeping with a female account exec who is trying to talk him into breaking off and starting a new agency, stealing accounts in the process.  We can feel Cliff’s Mad Man tension and who can blame him for needing a lot of sexual relief, the kind his wife won’t give him but what he can get from a blond, tanned teenage girl.

Then he fucks up and fucks up bad when he talks Charna into sleeping with a man who can get a potential account with a bra company, and the thing is, Charna’s uncle, who raised her, is a cop…

The ending is quite different from your usual sleaze or Midwood fair…

We will definitely read more Vin Fields.