Flying High by Eve Linkletter (Fitz Publications #NT 3001, 1964)

Linkletter continues to surprise and delight.  Flying High comes from a pulp paperback publisher we’ve never heard of before, Fritz Publications, out of Cypress, California, a city east of Long Beach and north of Los Alimitos Air Force Base.  After Fabian/Saber went out of business, Linkletter needed a new publisher…maybe Fritz was connected with Fresno-based Sanford Aday (and we’re still not sure if Linkletter was an actual person, or a pen name of a man).

This little novel is told from the first person by male flight attendant Bob Harris, a free-loving guy who runs around the country on Columbia Airlines flights.  he has a girlfriend in Florida, Jan, who wants marriage, especially now that she’s a month pregnant, and while Bob loves her truly, he cannot give up all the casual encounters one-nighters that come with his jet set job.

Flying High is a collection of his sexual mishaps, all of which are comical and absurd and handled with deftness by Linkletter.  In the first mishap, the jet hits bad weather and crashes in farmland. Bob crosses paths with hillybilly Bertha, who wants  a roll in the hay, until her jealous husband shows up and tries to put a pitchfork up Bob’s ass.

The second incident, Bob picks up a lounge singer who took one of his flights. Back at her apartment, he realizes that they are not alone in her bed…her pet is with them:

Now I saw that the creature was a monkey…It gave me a dirty look. Then the son of a bitch began to kick me!

“Don’t be afraid, Bob. Aldo won’t hurt you. Let him play with you. Ot’s a lot of fun.”

“The bastard already did. I came here to have sex with you, not the monkey.”

“I only enjoy sex when Aldo gets into the act.”

“Well Aldo can save his act for somebody else. I’m getting the hell out of here. I don’t go for that kind of monkey business.” (p.43)

There’s another funny incident with a post-op transexual. After a while, Bob realizes his swinging days are over and it’s time to settle down and be a family man.

Funny book.

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